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All qualified web addresses are linked FREE of charge. Colorado Arts Net (CAN) prefers to link web sites with dedicated domain names that are focused mainly on arts or entertainment in Colorado, New Mexico or Wyoming.

Colorado Arts Net generally does NOT link subdomains or deep links, ie. those links to the internal pages of web sites. We generally link only the home page of each web site.

We try to do link updates at least once a month on average but there is no guarantee. There have been times when it's more often or less often.

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Link description
We do the final wording. You may submit a description with your link request, limited to one short paragraph. Often we will quote your input. But standard links are NOT advertisements. They are subject to edit. Of highest importance, please never state that your (whatever) is "the best", the "most unique", "the leader", etcetera. Those are jive ad slogans and we do not have any use for them. We like to keep our listing descriptions a bit more objective.

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