About the Editor
Vincent Vin

I'm a private person whose life is wrapped up in writing, web design and other creative pursuits about every minute of the day. My interest in the arts is primarily a personal desire to raise egalitarian opportunity for isolated artists of all kinds who are blocked by the complexity of making connections.

By and large, without skillful use of the Internet, the arts tends to be a stuffy and pompous affair. The Net made it much more practical for myriad arts communities to spring forth. It is now quite easy to find specialized resources. It remains difficult to find large directories of combined arts resources like CoArts.Net.

Since 1996, when I started Colorado Arts Net, I have become increasingly occupied in creating many web sites, mostly arts related. But to the core, my real interest, is in creative writing, photography, and plans to be a film maker. By creative writing I don't mean creating Internet directories. I mean the poetry, the literature, and the countless film scenes I am compiling from thin air.

My film making aspiration is partly founded on my photography experience. I've shot tens of thousands of photographs. Since the 1980s I have had ideas for film making, ideas that are just now becoming embodied well enough to go out and execute a film or two. Even so, film is for me, a vehicle based on writing. I believe that if you can write - and the key word is "can" - then you can do just about anything with excellence.

Writing itself is a gift that opens up ever so slowly until it becomes a locomotive of momentum. That's my life, shoveling coal from the coal car. That's what writing is all about. In a dream I met William Burroughs before he died. I asked him how on Earth he learned to write those incredible twisted metaphors in his epic Beat novel "Naked Lunch". Like the quintessential junkie intellectual he replied, "You gotta get dirty". My home is always a mess of papers and clippings in piles and boxes in every corner. It's been that way for years. I can scarcely digitize it all as fast as I can create it.

I drifted into a heavy pattern of songwriting around 1988. Singing was an aspiration I had at age seven before assorted fate made that impossible. This in turn led me to an interest in creating theater. I have a work in progress for theater, a dark comedy about a vampire.

One of my major plans is to mix film and theater so that artistic film can be created specifically for stage plays, giving the limited film maker an extension of opportunity. Portions that would be difficult to act out could be created and shown as film vignettes. This in turn would make the play more lively even if less pure. I also plan to infuse large amounts of my own poetry into my films. My films might be fantasies, documentaries and interviews.

I operate on the idea that momentum begins with making do and not waiting until money or connections fall from the sky. Thomas Edison said "Success comes to he who hustles while he waits. That's why I work about fourteen hours per day, seven days per week. I have been working at this level since the 1980s.

Looks like I'm a dreamer. Yep, that's the real me And so it is with all artists..

- Vincent Vin

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