About Colorado Arts Net
Wiring the Arts in America's "OutBack"

I started Colorado Arts Net with a single vision in mind, to wire arts in the Denver region like the arts have never been wired. That expanded to include all of Colorado and much of New Mexico and Wyoming. The term "arts" implies scores of amateur and professional fields and a vast range of artistic disciplines therein. The Colorado Arts Net mission is to deliver listings and concise biographical insights covering the widest diversity of the arts.

Participants of the arts include virtually everybody at some level. Amateur and starving artists periodically account for massive changes in our society. In California, this was the case with industrial artists Jobs and Wozniac of Apple Computer, working out of a garage and attending science fairs in the late 1970s. Professional artists, including performing artists, are those who have either mastered the marketing of their work or their medium or both. Patrons of the arts are those who provide funding to the arts. Patrons also include art consumers, those who decorate their condos and palaces with paintings or buy tickets to see a show at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Regular customers of a particular artist or customers paying for custom works are generally referred to as clients. Then there are many types of specialists in the arts who provide all manner of expertise, services, direction, planning and what not. Colorado Arts Net is designed to satisfy the needs of everybody as a powerful tool.

Each of the above participants in the arts relies upon particular types of information custom tailored to their special needs. Free periodicals and directories fill most of our needs. Specialized trade publications also provide special arts information. However, these are often obscure, secretive or simply hard to know about, let alone find. If you are not an expert in a certain arts discipline you normally have to know one just to find out the very best of what they read. More recently, the Internet has spawned many large scale local and regional web sites specializing in particular disciplines of the arts.

For both altruistic and personal reasons, I created Colorado Arts Net as the first web site to provide comprehensive inroads to virtually all disciplines and genres of the arts in Colorado. There is no aim here to be a complete expert in each of these disciplines. Colorado Arts Net is simply the ultimate link source, bibliographic and biographic resource that has ever existed for greater Denver and to a lesser extent, much of Colorado.

My vision for Colorado Arts Net is to make it the ultimate, the most informative and most exciting tool any local fan of the arts could possibly encounter, regardless of what facet of the arts they prefer. As a starting point, Colorado Arts Net will tell you where to go. As a biographical and listing reference, Colorado Arts Net is a valiant effort to list a huge diversity of offerings. And nobody, simply nobody, has more web links from the brim to the dregs.

Thousands of hours have vanished here since June of 1996 when Colorado Arts Net went on-line.* But it's also a leap of faith. I sense that Colorado Arts Net will become increasingly valuable to everyone in the arts.
- Vincent Vin, editor

* footnote: Colorado Arts net went on-line as Denver Entertainment Directory in June of 1996. By 1997 it was renamed Colorado Entertainment Net to reflect larger geographical coverage. In late 1997, it was permanently renamed Colorado Arts Net to reflect expanded coverage of virtually all disciplines of the arts regionally but primarily in Denver.



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