Colorado Arts Net needs a future


olorado Arts Net needs a team of committed content professionals. It needs to belong to a bon ifide arts organization. Without that or technical help, I cannot continue to update it. In fact, I stopped updating it a few years ago in total grief. I also stopped promoting it and doing anything to maintain its search engine visibility. This thing has over 1,300 links, probably more. It is simply impossible to weed out link rot (dead inks) and seed new links by the antuquated method of scrolling through HTML pages and editing when you have that many links. C.A.N. is neither fully alive nor dead. It is rather instead, very undead. It wants to live. It needs new blood. It needs online dynamic technical modernity. It cannot survive as a one-man operation.

I created this website back in the 1990s in hopes of networking the arts. I must confess that I was naive in my hopes of achieving some commercial value, believing that great link content would be a unique way to sell advertising. But money was never my main motivation. Over a period of years, I came to see that the Internet was becoming an ocean of free information where only the big sharks would be really making any income. Of course, at that time, I was living on food stamps and I was totally dirt poor. But even when my publishing empire hopes were vanquished, there was another more important side to it. I love the arts intensely and I still want to promote the arts in Colorado.

I am no longer poor and no longer hungry and no longer living on food stamps. I make my living from investments and I'm getting damned good at it. In recent years, I've even lived in Paris for several months doing street photography. I've had an arts life of my own that suffered a lack of time for so many years while I gave so much of my time to other people doing free things like this website. But I am not biitter or regretful. I am just unable to give C.A.N. significant devotion until somebody somewhere comes forward and offers some sort of tangible intelligent proposal to make this arts directory really work.

Volunteer technical input from a real back end web developer might be just enough to make it practical for me to update this directory often, using a database. I have years of FileMaker Pro experience and static web design experience since 1996 but no dynamic web development experience. I actually know a guy like that but he is loaded with paid work and I dare not ask. So here is my proposal: I will consider any volunteer technical help to set up a database back end for C.A.N. Otherwise, I would propose that a bonifide arts organization take up this mission and put me on your board of directors. I don't want a dime.

Truth be told, there is enormous networking power for artists to have a regional link directory like this. This could become a free professional social network and not just a link directory. But it's also an enormous responsibility. I'm an artist in my own right with too many time-intensive projects and personal ambitions including film, music, songwriting, poetry, photography and so much more. My time is limited. I think I've done my part to promote the arts and give Colorado an example. I have ideas for Colorado Arts Net that could amount to something far greater.

I would offer a wild estimate that there are probably at least five thousand top level domains (TLDs) dedicated to arts entities in Colorado. That in itself is an enormous arts community that will be helplessly without a bonifide link directory and social network if C.A.N. does not become a professional operation. I imagine something much more robust, a dynamic independent social network and link directory full of users admitted freely based on specific critera. This would be a social network full of photos and anouncements and a small amount of journalism. One artist cannot crucify himself at the grindwheel while doing free promotion for other artists. If any arts organization would like to take up the Colorado Arts Net project and let me remain part of it - no pay requested - I will be happy to discuss my ideas with you. I want this project to exist long after I die, which hopefully will not be soon.
- Vincent (Saturday 29 March, 2014)


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