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Your comments, proposals and link suggestions are most welcome. Updates, official corrections and one-shot press releases are also welcome.

Due to the volume of e-mail, please do not expect a personal e-mail reply to a link request nor to any custom inquiry that could be answered by existing content inside ColoradoArts.Net. Likewise, in most cases there is not time to provide custom referrals although it's good to hear from you if you think something is "missing" and should be added. Be sure to read the Intros for each section, consult the Finder Index and look around the site to find what you need. All relevent correspondence is reviewed. An attempt is made to satisfy most correspondents through action, and in some cases, a reply as well.

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ColoradoArts.Net does NOT send unsolicited bulk e-mail and requests that this courtesy remain mutual. Please DO NOT send any unsolicited BULK e-mail announcements nor repetitive ads even if they are arts-related. If you have an arts related message especially for ColoradoArts.Net then be sure our e-mail address appears on the "TO" line of your outgoing e-mail. Otherwise it may be regarded as bulk solicitation material or filtered into our "junk-mail" folder. In some cases we have grudgingly tolerated bulk announcements concerning arts related events temporarily in the past. But in most cases there are simply too many regional arts domains to welcome specific announcements, as a general rule.

ColoradoArts.Net specializes in linking domains, contact info and concise facts or mission statements for arts, entertainment, celebrity and sports related concerns. ColoradoArts.Net does not list event dates nor review specific shows. Please give us your enduring data. Tell us your mission and your major changes.

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