How To Promote
Your Entertainment Specialty

Why Promote?
No matter what you do in life or how good you are, it means nothing unless other people can see, feel, touch or hear you. You need to sell yourself. If you are a performer, a band, a theater team or any kind of entertainment resource you might consider the following tips:

Be a Humanist
It's nice to be important. But it's more important to be nice. A star with personality and a little talent can go much farther than a star with lots of talent and no sense of his fellow human beings. Always realize that the stage is an embodiment of expression that shines brightest when it illuminates the smallest and darkest soul in the audience.

Get Listed in CoArts.Net
It's fast, free and painless. CoArts.Net is a pioneer electronic publication covering nearly all genres of arts and entertainment in the region.

Write a Bio
Type an interesting resume or introductory sheet. Make it as consise, friendly, and complete as possible. Come directly to the point in your very first line. Provide your best references. Use this data sheet by providing it to all your important contacts.

Build a Mailing List
You should collect the names and contact information of your fans, clients, and event visitors. This can be done casually. But it's more effective to offer forms and make them visible, especially when you are selling tapes and CDs at shows or running an art gallery. Have a friend or helper there to interact with people on a cordial basis. You can use addresses and phones to remind people of your next event. Direct mail is still one of the most effective means of marketing your arts or entertainment concern. It works because you are focusing your promotion directly at people who have already shown some interest.

Tell the Press
Use the list of publications in the CoArts.Net section "Publications." Consult the CoArts.Net "Broadcast" section for local entertainment contacts in radio and TV.

Desktop Publish
Use your computer to create fresh business cards, brochures and announcements as often as possible. Get a simple label maker program that will do your biz cards from blank Avery biz card stock. When you want color, produce your promo on your computer and take it to a service bureau such as Kinko's.

Surf the Net
Get an internet service provider (ISP) account. Then you can cruise the web for vast amounts of local entertainment info as well as all the rest of the stuff on the web. Knowing local arts and entertainment content on the Net is a hot way to find fast contacts that you can use.

Put Up a Web Site
Create a web site or pay a professionsl to create one for you. Use your web site to promote your arts or entertainment activities, to make announcements and to list your track record. Keep it looking good with graphics or photos. Communicate with simple, pleasing and professional web pages. If you don't want to learn HTML get a program like Adobe GoLive or Macromedia DreamWeaver. (Click
TwentyFour Seven Web Pages for professional web design.)

Register it!
Promote your web site by registering it with every major search engine you can possibly find. This is usually free. Put your web address and e-mail address on your biz cards and everything you can find. Send e-mail to anyone who joins your email list.

Compile a list of the contacts most useful to your goals. Collect their business cards. Enter their names in your computer.

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