Why Colorado Arts Net?
What is the value or payback to building a large link directory?

lavery to a public cause occasionally has its virtue. There can be no doubt that ColoradoArts.Net has become a useful utility to an audience of resourceful users. In order to sustain existence and grow, there must also be motivating factors beyond altruism.

People often ask me "Why?". Many seem to think this web site, like many others, might be just another pedestrian venture into a world that only Yahoo could conquer. Meanwhile ColoradoArts.Net has always been the work of one single person. I maintain a strong belief not only in the value and sustainability of ColoradoArts.Net. I also happen to believe it could become much more over time, especially if it became a business or even a publicly funded nonprofit operative.

You Need a Comprehensive Arts-Entertainment Portal
The original and first motivation for creating ColoradoArts.Net, was to fill a void in the regional online community. It has always been my view that the arts in general are a confusing, fragmented and often snobbish world. Prior to the Internet you had to obtain arts information by consulting directories, brochures and contacts that were scattered like the wind. There was no online hub for the sum total of the arts. As soon as arts web sites began to appear, hubs became manifest. Even to this day none of these other hubs really have a grasp of the total arts picture. Most of the better ones provide lots of information about the arts. They list events and have feature articles. Some of these hubs are directories. But even so, there was no hub I could call comprehensive in terms of its coverage of varietal arts around this region. Enter ColoradoArts.Net!

It takes eons of man-hours building the "free ride" which all of us expect. ColoradoArts.Net is a useful tool for all. If anyone else should ask me why I put so much time into building ColoradoArts.Net, my answer shall be "Why not?".

- Vincent Vin

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