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This new section will prioritize demographically aligned arts, entertainment, culture & media concerns throughout Colorado, especially in the Denver-Boulder area. Nonprofit and resource listings pertaining to arts, entertainment, history, culture and humanities will be given preference over social and economic listings although some of those might be allowed as well.

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African American

Eastern, Oriental (India, Japan, China, etc.)

European American

Gay & Lesbian
  • Circles <CirclesMagazine.com> - lesbian magazine, bi-monthly
    (See Media -
    Publications for any details.)

  • Comedy Gayla - (See Festivals for details)

  • Colorado Business Council -

  • Colorado Gay Bar Guide & Happenings
    (See Media- Publications)

  • Colorado Tavern Guild
    (See Venues for any details.)

  • Denver Gay Mens' Chorus -

  • Gay & Lesbian Yellow Pages -

  • Gay Community Theatre (See Theater.)

  • H, Inc. - Gay weekly magazine (See Publications section for details.)

  • Harmony, a Colorado Chorale -

  • Imperial Court Of the Rocky Mtn. Empire -

  • LambdaCom Corporation - Gay television programming.
    (See Television section for details.)

  • Lambda Performing Arts Guild of America -

  • The Lambda Report -

  • Landmark Theaters - (See Film.)

  • Out Front - Gay bi-weekly newspaper (See Publications section for details.)

  • Out Music Festival - (See Festivals.)

  • Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival <LavenderFilms.org> -
    a gay & lesbian film festival, inception: 2003
    PO BOX 1987, Colorado Springs, CO 80901
    (no mission statement found on site 2003au18mo)

  • Pink Triangle directory -

  • Pride Celebration - (See Festivals.)

  • Quest magazine -

  • Relatively Wilde <RelativelyWilde.com> - (See Literary section.)
  • Studio Lites - <StudioLites.com> - (See "Good & Services" section.)

  • Theatre on Broadway - (See Theater.)
  • Disclaimer
    No reference to sexual preference or other personal matters is implied by any entity being listed or noted in the Gay Highlights section. Those entities listed in Gay Highlights, whether indivual, group or organization, are believed to be of special or endeared interest to the gay community. Thus occasionally some non-gay entries might be listed.



    Native American

    Neighborhood Media and Organizations

    Denver and Suburbs in 303 and 720 telephone area codes
    (These listings are tentative and may be reduced to those which have domain web addresses)


    Miscellaneous Other

    Introduction - Demographic Arts & Culture
    Diversity is the essence of the American birth and host to it's greatest tragedy, tribal friction. Here in the Great American West occurred some of the most profound genocide against native Americans. Later the Klu Klux Klan was a prominent social organization while Black pioneers helped to build the new civilization here. In the 1990s Colorado was briefly disparaged as "The Hate State" for passing laws to circumvent the impending equality of gays and lesbians. There can be no doubt that assorted cultural prejudices are subdued and "polite" compared to a few generations ago, but rampant none-the-less. Today these hatreds are expressed not so much with expletives nor race riots nor lynchings. They are expressed through the new economic consumerism reaching its pinnacle in all of America. This consumer economy does not dare brand minorities, it simply ignores them, which is precisely what prejudiced white people do to minorities socially, rarely even thinking to call it racism, classism, homophobia, or male chauvanism.

    Hollywood is under frequent criticism for a white bread menu that precludes much real content for minorites, notably blacks and gays, for so called "family" or economic reasons. Ad sponsors will pay for one thing but not another. Ads are bought by corporate America. Stockholders are probably not a true picture of melting pot America. National business and luxury magazines like Fortune, Tycoon, The Robb Report and others, are pretty much white bread economic affairs. What you read about blacks, gays, women or the Latino condition is more likely to be reported in media run by blacks, gays, women or Latinos respectively, not by any mainstream press. This has been changing since the compassionate influence of Eleanor Roosevelt and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. But Camelot, by and large, is making that change slowly as a snail in a largely Republican world.

    It is fitting that ColoradoArts.net should begin to link and catalog much of the demographic artistic & cultural diversity in the region as resources you might wish to support and patronize. Not all of these resources are specifically focused upon the arts. But they are all a reflection of the grass roots cultural demographic around Denver, Boulder and Colorado. I have a feeling this will eventually evolve into a huge section and will be quite useful to a large audience.

    Demographic interests are intricately interwoven in the arts, in entertainment, in our histories and in our cultures. Some neighborhood organizations reflect "community values" that are vibrant, authentic and egalitarian. Others simply act as host to propaganda devised to manipulate things for those in control. Indeed much of cultural diversity is manipulated by social engineers and evangelistic candidates with arrogant alterior motives. In the most unaware white minds, diversity is a product to be consumed for entertainment, something to be tolerated or simply something "else". ColoradoArts.Net will have none of that. The astounding demographic diversity of America and Colorado is something to be embraced, promoted, respected, appreciated, learned from and enjoyed.

    link qualifications: Priority will be given to Denver-Boulder area arts related entities that have online domains dedicated exclusively to any particular demographic subcategory in this section or one that is appropriately suitable. For instance, if your site is dedicated to kids or womens' interests it may qualify especially if it has any significant arts focus. However, if you had an arts site and your resource has SIDELINE kid offerings, it would probably NOT qualify for this section since it is not focused on any particular demographic group. It may qualify for some other section in ColoradoArts.Net.
    Some listings outside the Denver-Boulder area will be compiled in the Regional section.

    Creation of the "Demographic & Historical" section began 2000 May 12 Friday (and still needs to be developed)


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