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    photo by Vincent
    Back to Where It All Started....
    Bop Street at Rock Fest 86 in Confluence Park the Place Where Denver Began in 1859
    left to right: Pete Nalty who often wore a blue cap in the tradition of Gene Vincent; Brian Nalty one of Denver's most superb musicians became a career tragedy almost exactly ten years later (but is expected to rebound);
    Doug Kauffman, sunglasses, bass guitar became one of Denver's leading independent concert promoters by founding Nobody In Particular Presents in 1987; John DeAlva, drummer joined the Navy. Bop Street had an incredible rockabilly sound and was probably the most popular local band of the 1980s.

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    Bands and musicians linked here may be hip or square, secular or sacred, and any genre of the music world. You can be a solo musician, a duo, trio, or a whole orchestra. You can be the worst band in the world or the best. Just be sure to have a domain name web address.

    We'd like to know your phone number in case we need to call you. But we don't plan to list phone numbers anymore since those things just change too frequently. Bands with domain names are serious players on the Internet because they have taken the ultimate on-line step. When someone registers a domain name it tends to indicate they will have the same web address for a substantial period of time.

    A small number of select local bands may receive feature write-ups on individual pages inside CAN on rare occasion. But these will be mostly local bands of some reasonably proven national media interest and an occasional personal favorite. Again, some non-domain band web addresses may get linked as well. This is the hottest band link-up in town.

    Just remember one thing about show biz. If you really want to make it you've got to be your own best agent regardless of whether you have an agent or not. Put together a web site with one or more pages. Come up with a catchy domain name, Check Internic (aka Network Solutions) to see if it's registered by someone else. Then pay them a small fee for each two years you keep the domain name.

    Promote yourself vigorously regardless of obstacles. In show biz it's your best shot!

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