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Famous and Infamous People, Leaders & Luminaries in Colorado Arts, Culture & Folklore

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    This section is meant to be an inspirational and useful guide featuring many magnanimous figures in the arts with any significant local or regional connections. These figures may come from any discipline or genre. Many world famous arts luminaries of the past and present are strongly connected to Colorado. For a list please see the Hall of Fame page.

    Web links to famous people are gradually being added with bio summaries.

    Biographical entries are both current and past. Each write-up reflects the best information available from CAN file sources. Reasonable effort will be made to assure accuracy. Your corrections and updates are appreciated.

    People Pages: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ - Hall of Fame -

    A Great People Finder
    A great online national phone book search engine to find ordinary and famous people statewide or nationwide is the following web site. It is actually a souped up data server which uses four other databased web sites. I have been able to find just about anyone nationwide who has a listed phone number. You can also use it to obtain criss-cross listings starting with a phone number and no other info:

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