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Jinx Jones was probably the most acclaimed guitarist to come out of Denver. Most notably he has been a member of En Vogue. He is best known locally as lead man in Jinx Jones and Friends and in The Tel Rays. I personally watched him play many times from 1983 onward and watched while members of the famed group "The Pretenders" joined Jones onstage at the Turnverein (German House) in the mid 1980s while Chrissie Hynde observed from a chair. Jones has also reportedly opened for many other big acts as well. Seems that CAN has a misplaced article indicating Jinx took some of his early career impetus following in-person attendance of a local Jimi Hendrix show decades ago.

Legend is that Jinx has had a jones for Cadillacs and owned a guitar shop in Denver in the 1980s called Cadillac Guitars. He grew up here in Colorado where he reportedly got his start playing at Christian youth dances around Denver. Jinx left these parts for the coast in the late 1980s.

Following is a Colorado Entertainment Net feature career history on Jinx Jones:

Group Years  Style of Music  Location
Jinx Jones Trio  1997 to pres  Jazz  San Francisco
the Bachelors  1992 to pres  Rockabilly  San Francisco
Jack Duval Combo  1996  Hard Bop-Cool Jazz  San Francisco
the Fontanas  1990-1992  Rockabilly  San Francisco
En Vogue  1991-1992  R&B/Soul  Oakland
the Nation Funktasia  1990  R&B/Funk  Oakland
Jinx Jones and Friends  1984-1994  Various-Guitar Oriented  Denver
Chuck Berry  1979-1988  Rock n' Roll  St Louis
Blue Jets  1987-1988  Acid Rock  Denver
Tel Rays  1982-1984  Rockabilly/Psycho-billy  L.A./Denver
Roy Buchanan  1984-1985  Guitar Virtuoso  Reston, VA
Jinx Jones and the Jaguars  1980-1982  New Wave/Pop  Denver/L.A.
Lannie Garrett  1980-1981  Cabaret/Pop  Denver
Ron Furrer  1978-1979  Elvis Show  Houston
Second Wind  1977-1978  Funk-R&B  Denver
Distinctive Movement  1975-1977  Funk-R&B  Denver
Emerald City  1975  Rock  Denver
Macbeth  1974-1975  Rock  Denver
Waves  1973-1974  Rock  Denver

Awards Received by Jinx Jones:
Triple Platinum Record sales: Vogue: FunkyDivas
Gold Record: En Vogue: Free Your Mind

Bay Area's Songwriter Competition: 1989 second place
Colorado Composer's Classic 1986
Guitar Player Magazine: Spotlight May 1993
Guitar World Magazine: Hometown Heroes: San Francisco January 1993

Selected Feature articles:
Contental Restyling, London,,
'The Bachelors" San Francisco Rockabilly, Jan. 1996
San Francisco Weekly: Jack Duval Combo July 1996
Rocky Mtn. News, Feb 7, 1997 - Ent. section

Contact: Jinx Jones, 600 34th Ave., No. 7, San Francisco, CA 94121
voice mail: (415) 386-3084

- info sources: Jinx Jones 97Mr27 and asst'd local clips fr. '86 and recent.
* second party e-mail private by Jinx' request 97My.

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