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This section is for multi-genre arts event and stage promoters and resources as well as promoters of music concerts. Take note, we do not keep up on which corporate conglomerate ate which other corporate conglomerate. So some info may be outdated. And this is also true of smaller promoters who come and go like last summer's flies. But we try.
Metro Denver - Colorado - New Mexico - Wyoming

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Metro Denver-Boulder-Evergreen (303-720 area codes)

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  • Bald House Music.com <BaldHouseMusic.com> - est. 2001
    This outfit offers electronic music talent and was working up a catalog when we checked their site although we found only one item listed. They may or may not be an event producer beyond the one they're doing at Polyesther's..

  • Basic Entertainment <BoBasic.com> - dance eparty promoter.
    3455 table mesa dr., no.i-186,Boulder, CO 80305
    (303) 595-1090

  • Bass:
    Bill Bass Concerts <BillBass.com> -
    Promoter Bill Bass has been in the Colorado concert promotion business since about 1979. He formerly worked with Barry Fey at Fey Concerts and left to start Small Axe Concerts in 1994. Bill Bass Concerts was founded in 1997 after Small Axe, in Boulder, folded. The Bass web site reports Bill has produced and promoted over four thousand shows and further notes that Bill "has twice been nominated by Pollstar Magazine, the concert industry trade journal, for Independent Promoter of the Year......." Bill Bass Concerts presents concerts at, Red Rocks, McNichols, The Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, the Boulder and Fox Theaters in Boulder, the LoDo Music Hall and the Ogden Theater in Denver and the Municipal Auditorium in Colorado Springs among others. Bass has produced shows in many western states as far away as Oregon
    P.O. Box 809, Broomfield 80038
    (303) 464-8695; fax: 464-8697
    - Bio updated from Peter Olivo e-mail and Bass web site

  • Big K Productions <BigK.com> -
    Kurt Ohlen and his wife Karen Ohlen are Big K Productions. They produce a large annual event called Denver Rock n' Rhythm-Billy Weekend. In addition to this, Kurt told CAN they also book a couple dozen rockabilly shows a year in the Denver area. About half of these are non-local bands.
    For Information or to Order your tickets contact:
    Big K Productions, LLC, 3339 W. Moncrieff Pl., Denver, CO 80221 USA
    (303) 455-8408;
    (See also: Denver Rock n' Rhythm-Billy Weekend in the
    Festivals section.) info source: Kurt Ohlen phone survey & web site
    - 97My02Fr

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  • Celtic Events & Entertainment <CelticConncetion.com> -
    Celtic Events & Entertainment produces events in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. They publish the free newspaper "Celtic Connection"
    361 South Clarkson St., Denver, CO 80209
    (303) 777-0502

  • Clear Channel Entertainment <CC.com> -
    annotated web site excerpts: "As the world's leading promoter and marketer of live entertainment..... everybody plays a Clear Channel Entertainment stage..... Clear Channel Entertainment, formerly known as SFX, is a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, Inc. [NYSE: CCU]. Clear Channel is a global leader in the out-of home advertising industry with radio and television stations, outdoor displays and entertainment venues in 63 countries around the world. Including announced transactions, Clear Channel operates approximately 1,213 radio and 19 television stations in the United States and has equity interests in over 240 radio stations internationally. Clear Channel also operates approximately 770,000 outdoor advertising displays, including billboards, street furniture and transit panels across the world."
    world HQ: 200 Basse Rd., San Antonio, TX 78209
    (210) 822-2828
    (Read "Nobody versus Clear Channel", opinion by Colorado Arts Net.)
    - excerpts obtained 2003De04Th

    See also:

  • Clear Channel Sucks <ClearChannelSucks.org> -
    web site excerpts: "ClearChannelSucks.org is a free speech website dedicated to educating the public about entertainment giant Clear Channel..... Clear Channel Entertainment.... owns and operates over 200 venues nationwide. They are in 248 of the top 250 radio markets, controlling 60% of all rock programming. They outright own the tours of musicians like Janet Jackson, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, Madonna and N'Sync. They own the network which airs Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Casey Kasem, and the Fox Sports Radio Network. With 103,000,000 listeners in the U.S. and 1,000,000,000 globally (1/6 of the world population), this powerful company has grown unchecked, using their monopoly to control the entire music industry."
    - excerpts obtained 2003De04Th

  • ColoradoRave.com - dance parties
    (303) 575-1291

  • CU Program Council

    inception: 1953
    Program Council does about forty events year round including national touring concerts, a swing jazz series and a film series. All events are held on campus at the University of Colorado. It is a student run promotion and production company. The group is for-profit but tax exempt. Profits are reportedly plowed back into the group budget for equipment and salaries. Venues used by Program Council include Folsom Stadium (capacity 60,000), Coors Event Center (cap. 7,500), Macky Auditorium (cap. 2,500), Mary Rippon Theater (cap. 1,200), Glenn Miller Ballroom (at UMC), and Club 156 (cap. 150).
    mail: Program Council, UMC 409, campus box 207, Boulder, CO 80309
    (303) 492-7704; fax: 492-7706
    - Tel.Survey: 98ap23Th, Gideon Cohen, production assistant at PC

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  • Denver Center Attractions <DenverCenter.org> -
    1245 Champa St., Denver, CO 80204
    (303) 893-4000; fax: 572-8011
    Center Attractions Box Office: 893-4100; Outside Denver call: (800) 641-1222
    Denver Center Attractions is the promotion arm of DCPA, one of America's largest performing arts complexes, second in size only to Lincoln Center in NYC.

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  • Elation Entertainment <ElationE.com> - dance parties

  • Epicenter Music and Info Line
    This event line provides recorded message with show dates for Denver area bands.
    (303) 784-5858

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  • Bill Graham Presents/Chuck Morris Presents <TheFillmore.com> -
    Bill Graham/Chuck Morris Presents, or BGP/Morris for short, is a powerful corporate tentacle which undoubtedly will cause tremendous ripples in the Colorado promoter scene for years to come. With big cash and plenty of experience BGP comes to town right when blockbuster promoter Universal Concerts takes over the operative of Fey Concerts. BGP is based in San Fransisco and has been the West Coast's leading concert promoter since roughly 1965. The late Bill Graham began his career by booking psychedelic rock shows at the Fillmore Theater in the neighborhood where flower power was born amidst the infamous Summer of Love. He died in a helicopter crash in 1991. In 1997 December, BGP was purchased by a powerful radio conglomerate called SFX which has been credited with owning some 80 radio stations and buying up major concert promotion companies in major cities like New York, Dallas and Saint Louis. Chuck Morris handled bookings for Tulagi in the 1970s when it was Boulder's leading club venue for national acts. Then he wnt on to book other major venues around Denver like Ebbets Field and Rainbow Music Hall and worked closely with his personal friend and promoter Barry Fey. Fey became tired of the concert scene in 1997 and retired from Fey Concerts which is now Universal Concerts, BGPs main competitor. BGP/Morris began its operation with Brent Fedrizzi as its main talent buyer immediately after Brent quit working for Universal. Brent informed CAN that BGP/Morris will be doing shows at venues such as Fox Theater, Red Rocks, McNichols Arena and Mammoth Gardens. Morris has been manager of some leading local bands like Big Head Todd and Leftover Salmon from about 1989 through recent. (See
    Contact: Bill Graham-Chuck Morris Presents, 1658 York St., Denver, CO 80206
    (303) 329-9292; fax: 329-0708
    Bill Graham Presents, P.O. Box 429094, San Francisco CA 94142-9094

    info sources: Callback survey 98Ja22Th Brent Fedruzzi, Rocky Mtn. News 98Ja20Tu & Denver Post.
    update: After a feeding frenzy it appears that Clear Chanel owns all of it. (See Clear Chanel, this page.)

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  • House of Blues <HOB.com> - Major national promoter House of Blues apparently began it's foray into the Denver concert promotion scene by early September, 1999 when large ad spreads began appearing in the weekly newspaper Westword.

  • Hyperreal <Hyperreal.com> -
    (Nonlocal site has Denver and Colorado regional listings in Mountain section. These listings include rave events and contacts.)
    info source: tip from LifeForce-Julian97Fe25e-mail

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  • Maven Productions <MavenProductions.com> -
    (Nona Gandelman)
    Contact: Maven, P.O. Box 970, Boulder, CO 80306
    Location: 2017 17th St., Boulder, CO 80302
    (303) 443-5858

  • Michigan Mike Presents <MichiganMike.com> -
    inception: 95 Summer
    Promoter Mike E. Torpie has booked regional and some national reknown names (eg Stanley Jordan). He promotes jazz, bluegrass, rock, reggae & popular forms of music. Mike started putting together festivals in Nederland - Caribou-Ward area west of Boulder around the Summer of 1995. He has booked the Nederland Music and Arts Festival and the Colorado Freedom Festival in Boulder, an event which has hosted 50 bands in three days. Now he is also booking shows in Lyons, Rollinsville and other parts of Boulder county and nearby counties. Venues booked by Mike in Boulder county include Top of the Square and New Potatoe, both in Nederland. He related a certain big budget promoter or two from Boulder has made for tough competition by grabbing some of Mike's best turf. But, by all appearances Mike remains one of the most active event promoters in Boulder county's outlymg towns. Mike came to Colorado from Michigan in 1992 November.
    Contact: Michigan Mike Presents, P.O. Box 830, Nederlanded, CO 80466
    Info Line: 415-KOOL (415-5665)
    - info source: 97Ap02We - MToprie call-in-interview

  • Chuck Morris
    See "Bill Graham Presents/Chuck Morris Presents (BGP/Morris)" above.

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  • NEWSED Community Development Corp. <NEWSED.org> - Producers of the Cinco de Mayo Festival and Luminarias de Santa Fe is
    1029 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204
    (303) 534-8342

  • Nobody In Particular Presents <NIPP.com> -
    NIPP is a partnership of three veteran concert promoters. Douglas Jay Kauffman (founder), Christopher Carlos Swank, and Jesse C. Morreale.
    Many NIPP shows are held at The Ogden Theater at 937 E. Colfax Avenue and at The Bluebird (3317 E. Colfax). Doug acquired the Ogden with support from personal allies and major financial support from city hall in 1993. NIPP also has done shows in other regional venues and in other states. They bought the Colorado Music Hall in Colorado Springs for concerts in mid-1999.
    contact: NIPP, c/o the Ogden Theatre, 935 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80218
    831-9448 (office); 830-2525 (tickets). See also: People -K.
    (Read "Nobody versus Clear Channel", opinion by Colorado Arts Net.)

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  • OTL Entertainment <OTLEntertainment.com> - OTL promotes its events at 3rd party venues. The events themselves are called "Club Friday" and Club Platinum".
    web site excerpts: "We specialize in comedy, gospel, rhythm and blues, and rap. We promote and showcase local talent as well as bring in various well known artists for special engagements."
    ofc: 3903 Ireland St., Denver, CO 80249
    (877) 362-8168 (toll free)
    - ref. email, 2001Se18Tu, Bubba Davis

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  • Performance International <DenverFestivals.com> -
    PI is a "not-for-profit organization" which produces LoDo Music Festival, The Denver Blues Festival and other leading events in Denver.

  • Planet Bluegrass <Bluegrass.com> -
    Planet Bluegrass produces three festivals including:
    - Telluride Bluegrass Festival -
    - Rocky Mountain Folks Festival -
    - RockyGrass Festival -
    Contact: Planet Bluegrass, Box 769, Lyons, CO 80540
    Office: 500 W. Main St., Lyons, CO 80540
    (303) 449-6007 and (800) 624-2422

  • Poundhouse <PoundHouse.com> - This Oregon-based promotional web site offers free concert tickets in Denver and several othewr cities. Their site claims they generally give away "ten to twenty tickets per show" based on a random selection process.

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  • SFX Entertainment <SFX Entertainment> - (That's sFx not sEx)
    This NYC powerhouse appears to be the parent company of Bill Graham Presents which operates in Denver through the arm of vetaran promoter Chuck Morris. It also absorbed Universal Concerts which ate Barry Fey Concerts in the late 1990s.

  • Jim Sprinkle Productions, Ltd.
    Jim Sprinkle produces concerts at Denver Botanic Gardens and other venues.
    Contact: Jim Sprinkle,1486 South Pearl St., Denver, CO 802xx
    (303) 777-4407
    (303) 777-7372

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  • TicketMart <TicketMart.com> - This Oklahoma based web site has nationwide state-by-state ticket seller phone listings including dozens in Colorado.

  • TicketMaster <TicketMaster.com> -
    TicketMaster is a national company with a Denver office.
    Contact: TicketMaster of Colorado, 1560 Broadway, Denver, CO 802xx
    Charge and Info: 830-8497;
    Events Recording: (303) 595-4636

  • Together Productions <TogetherProductions.com> -
    dance party promoter
    office: 300 East 17th Ave # 526, Denver, CO 80203
    (303) 575-1149 - 607-7569

  • Totally Tickets - This company advertises tickets to scores of concerts and sporting events.
    address: 4949 N. Broadway, Suite 250, Boulder, CO 80304

    (303) 415-0633
    - info source: flier in Boulder 97My28We

  • TicketWeb <TicketWeb.com> - national company with Colorado show and venue listings.

  • 2B Announced Presents, inc.
    Dan Steinberg, event promoter
    2B Announced is one of Denver's more active and visible event promoters, booking a large number of national acts and advertising them fully.
    Contact: Steinberg Dan, 12146 E. Amherst Cir., Aurora CO 80014-3302
    ofc: (303) 368-5557 (Dan's pad).
    24 hr concert line: (303) 575-5673
    (not sure if this number is still 2B Announced. Recording was unintelligible - 2001 Jan. 10.)
    -96Au16: Dan declined ColoradoArts.Net request for a mailing address because he reportedly works out of his "pad" booking "5 or 6 shows a week. " He cited pesky bands who might drop off demos without an appointment. But like a dirty pulp magazine we're listing it because we believe you have a right to know since it was already listed in Ma Bell's big book anyway. Not to mention his articles of incorporation at the Secretary of State office. Nothing personal against Dan, but we believe every promoter should advertise at least one mailing address such as a PO Box and a humanly answered phone line for the sake of up&up business. Concert promotion typically involves a lot of business interaction. It is thus only fair to expect reasonable inquiry access.

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Colorado Statewide
Outside the metro Denver-Boulder-Evergreen area (303 and 720 telephone area codes)


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New Mexico



City Name

  • mmm
Past or Transient Promoters
And Ticket Agencies
  • Alikat Productions West, Inc.
    Alikat is a booking agency/talent buyer/promoter in the mountains booking primarily in Summit and Eagle Counties (Vail). They are a spin-off from the "Alikat East" office located in Boston, MA. They book talent for 15-20 clubs on a regular basis. Alikat books mainly Colorado bands but also has clubs available for larger, national touring acts. They book a couple of 300 seat clubs as well as shows at the Ford Ampitheater in Vail. Alikat is looking for all genres of music including rock-and-roll, blues, country, jazz, and everything in between as well as comedy.
    mail: P.O. Box 23191, Silverthorne, CO 80498.
    (970) 513-9644
    - adapted from e-mail from Daniel Marshall & Jane Marshall 97De17We.

  • Alternatix
    Dolly Zander
    of Nobody in Particular Presents informed CAN she was the originator of Alternatix, having founded it in search of "improved ticketing methods after using TicketMaster unsatisfactorily." Dolly relates she has "all but abandoned it", apparently when another ticket agency helped solve NIPP's ticketing problems.
    - info source: e-mail from D.Zander 97Je16Mo

  • Bands for Lands - (We believe this one is inactive.)
    (Douglas Bohm/assistant director)
    Doug informed ColoradoArts.Net that Bands for Lands was organized under a nonprofit charter and all performances were benefits in which the bands play for free.
    Bands for Lands, 450 W. Jefferson Ave., Englewood, CO 80110
    office: (303) 788-0497; ph-info 24 hrs: 831-8139
    Direct Survey:960813DB

  • Bomb Entertainment
    "Booking, Promotion, Media Relations"
    (Douglas Bohm)
    In addition to producing shows at assorted locations Bomb also has done studio recording and band management. In 1995 now former employee/partner Kayla Kirkpatrick told CAN that she had booked hundreds of shows since 1988 including many at 23 Parish venue. Make no mistake, this is solely Doug's operation. (See also: Bands for Lands (above) and People/Bohm.)
    Contact: Bomb Entertainment, 777 E 14th Ave., #204, Denver, CO 80203
    (303) 831-8139; fax: 788-1860
    Direct Survey:960813DB

  • Burnt Productions Presents
    entertainment genre: acid jazz, funk, reggae, & ska.
    inception: 96 July
    Burnt Productions was Andrew Purdy, Kent Ulrich & David Robinson. They reportedly averaged approx 10 shows a month. Close to half were national touring bands but Burnt had a preference for local and state bands. They produced a monthly newsletter called "Burnt"distributed mostly by fax to over a hundred businesses including venues, media & supporting retailers. They are incorporated and based in metro Denver.
    contact: Burnt Productions, P.O. Box 6334, Avon, CO 81620
    location: 17131 Campion Way, Parker, CO 80134
    - info source: Andrew Purdy 97My06Tu call-in survey.

  • Choice Enterprises
    (Nona Gandelman and Ginger Perry)
    Inception: 1985; Finale: 1986
    Ginger and Nona produced only about six shows together as Choice Enterprises including The Nylons, Sweet Honey In the Rock, Pure Prarie League, and Phoebe Snow. Choice was based in Boulder and lasted about a year. Gandelman later became a more active promoter under the name Maven Productions. Perry was also active with Perry Productions.
    Direct Survey: 950516GP.

  • Fey Concerts
    (Barry Fey)
    inception: 1967
    Fey Concerts has been bought by Universal Concerts (which see) as Barry Fey retired from the concert business in 1997 citing a decline in the quality of popular music since the 1960s and 70s. Progenitor Barry Fey has been hailed as one of America's leading concert promoters for a generation. The former Fey web site reports that Fey Concerts "has produced more concert dates with The Who and The Rolling Stones than any other promoter" and that "Billboard Magazine (has named) Barry...."Concert Promoter of the Year" for an unprecedented three years in a row." Shows were produced in Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and the West. Barry reportedly got started in promoting after successfully booking a band gig for a fraternity event. In the earliest years he got his real start by booking major acts like Big Brother and the Holding Company (of Janis Joplin fame) at his Family Dog venue on East Evans Avenue in Denver. Fey Concerts had a dba called Event Venue Enterprises which sold event promo like tee-shirts at Fey shows.
    Contact: Fey Concert Co., 5889 South Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 400, Greenwood Village, CO 80111-250
    ph-office: (303) 694-1234; ph-warehouse: 722-7972; fax: 741-1831
    (Fey also had office in Albuquerque, NM.)

  • Fish Music Presents
    (Paul Church)
    The ever congenial Paul Church was an occasional promoter who had been booking bands around town for many years. His eternal day job was at Instant Photo located at 1125 E. Colfax between Paul's Liquors and Church's Chicken ironically. Paul reportedly moved back to his home state of Michigan around November, 1996.

  • Gess Presents, Inc.
    (Jesse C. Morreale)
    Gess Presents was the independant operative of Jesse Morreale and was part of Fey Concerts just before Bary Fey sold out to Universal. More recently Jesse Morreale has been third member of the NIPP fold (See Nobody in Particular Presents) and a partner in La Rumba nightclub..
    P.O. Box 40537, Denver, CO 80204-0537
    (303) 863-7588; fax: 831-4501
    (Address & phone may be void. See NIPP).
    info source: tel.survey: Secretary at Gess Presents96Au09Fr

  • Headbanger Production
    Banger's Place <Dimensional.com/~tomhb>

    Tom Headbanger (aka Tom Hollowell) has worked intimately with bands on both sides of the Atlantic including E. Neubauten, Psychic TV and Sonic Youth. He is an occasional promoter having been more active in promoting in the early 1980s when he produced events the local media and Banger himself characterized as "punk rock." At a young age that was his reknown. In 1996 Banger produced an outdoor Crash Worship show and then toured with the well known pagan style percussion band in Europe. In recent years his most visible activity has been running a sound board at Bluebird Theater. Tom has also been spotted working with local drum magnate and promoter Bob Rupp.
    (See also: People/Headbanger.)
    Contact: Tom Headbanger
    (303) 293-3037
    See also: Shadowplay (in this section).
    Direct Survey: 940811TH; 950327TH

  • The LifeForce Organization
    LifeForce was Julian Bradley who promoted dance party events for Denver area youth. Julian was also behind Nebula Nine. More recently Julian has focused on providing sound for events. He may have his web site at <BassFaceSound.com> up soon.
    (303) 832-2853
    info source: Julian97Fe25e-mail

  • Nebula Nine
    Nebula Nine was Julian Bradley who was also behind the LifeForce dance outfit. More recently Julian has focused on providing sound for events. He may have his web site at <
    BassFaceSound.com> up soon.
    (303) 832-2853
    info source: Julian97Fe25e-mail

  • Perry Productions
    status inactive at least for now
    Perry, Ginger/promoter (83-)
    Inception: 1983/Chatauqua Auditorium
    Ginger Perry has promoted mainly gospel shows via her Perry Productions since her first show at Chatauqua in '83. She also has produced folk and rock shows. Ginger told CAN that she received an arts grant early on from the City of Boulder. This encouraged her continued involvement. Ginger has produced national acts like The Soul Stirrers, The Barrett Sisters, and many regional acts. She also has worked with Nona Gandelman before the inception of Maven Productions. She has worked for Swallow Hill Music and Boulder Theater and was a longtime disk jockey at both KRNW and KGNU in Boulder.
    Direct Survey: 950516GP. E-mail address is current per 97 January.

  • Rocky Mountain Teleseat
    address: 1752 Platte St., Suite 200, Denver, CO 80202
    (303) 477-7328
    The parent corporation of RMT is Home Inc. (ph: (619) 452-0150
    info source: tel.survey96Oc15
    Teleseat reportedly went bankrupt in late 1997.

  • Bob Rupp
    Bob Rupp put together the annual Rockfest concert nine times from 1983 through 1991 but does not consider himself having been an event promoter. The gigs were used to promote Rupp's Drums He also reports having done some three or four benefit concerts a year in that period.
    (See also: Rupp in
    People section; Rupp's Drums in Goods and Services.)
    - tel.survey 97My22Th Bob Rupp.

  • Select-A-Seat - This Colorado ticket company may be dead.

  • Shadowplay
    Banger's Place

    This outfit was the brainchild of Stephanie Mullen, as reported in a Michael Mehle review. Shadowplay specializes in promoting the dark surrealist genre of music that has long been known as gothic. Stephanie's business partner is veteran promoter Tom Headbanger (aka: Tom Hollowell). They are booking national and local goth acts starting with their first show 97Ja21Tu at the Bluebird Theater where Banger has been grunting for much of the mid 90s. The impetus for this new venture was rumored to be the realization of a live performance void in Denvoid's goth scene observed by Stephanie back on 1995 October 17. On that night David Bowie did his gothic Outside tour at McNichol's Arena with (decadent buttfucker) Trent Reznor - Nine Inch Nails. Stephanie started a national goth-industrial music zine called Grimoire after that show.
    ref: RMN-97Ja17-p15d

  • Small Axe Concerts
    (expired link (98Fe): www.macedon.com/smallaxe)
    (See Bass in active promoter section above.)
    Contact: Small Axe, Inc, 2401 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302
    (303) 443-7625 (Phone dead 98Fe)

  • TicketChoice
    former web address: <TicketChoice.com> -
    (This ticket company was founded by prominent concert promoter Doug Kauffman (Nobody In Particular Presents) in 1998 April. Tickets were sold through dozens of area record stores and music related businesses.
    (800) 517-SEAT (517-7328)

  • Universal Concerts - Universal ate longtime Colorado concert king Barry Fey, then got eaten by House of Blues.

  • 3Deep Productions
    (former web site: http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~pietrs/3deep.html
    (Link was dead and status of operation unknown - per 98Fe11We)
    This Boulder outfit is known for producing hip hop shows. They reportedly got started in 1991 by hosting house parties in the Boulder area. Later they operated in cahoots with CU Program Council and Fox Theater. 3Deep is Francois Baptiste and Alvin LaCabe.

Introduction - Event Resources and Promoters

Who Qualifies as a Promoter or Event Resource?
In most cases Colorado Arts Net will provide a free link to any active event promoter or event producer who has a dedicated online domain web site (such as "MyBookings.com") anywhere in Colorado, New Mexico or in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Those listings here that have no web address are preexisting, tentative or by editorial prference for review. Some expired promoters of the past remain listed simply because promoters tend to regroup and their histories may be of some interest.

Event Lines
Each event info contact listed in this section provides multiple event information and not just info for a single performing group or band. This section includes Denver area hot linked entertainment event info sites on the web, phones, and addresses. You will find more hot linked event websites in the
Publications section.

NOTE: There are lots of ticket sellers listed in the white pages and yellow pages. We cannot list them all. Some of them are just brokers, aka. scalpers.

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