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Changing Scene
circa 1992
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Metro Denver-Boulder-Evergreen (303-720 area codes)

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  • Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities <Arvadacenter.org> -
    This theatrical venue has been cited in 5280 Magazine for great seating and its large outdoor theater.
    excerpts: "The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities offers year-round theater, concerts and dance; art galleries with changing exhibitions, a historical museum; and classes in ceramics, dance, writing, acting, visual arts and more. There is something for everyone in this creative and stimulating environment located just 20 minutes from downtown Denver. "

    6901 Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada 80003-9985
    (303) 431-3939; 431-3080; TTY: 431-3081

  • Arvada Festival Playhouse
    (303) 422-4090

  • Aurora Fox Theater
    9900 E. Colfax Ave., Aurora 802xx
    (303) 361-2910

  • The Avenue Theater <AvenueTheater.com> -
    (reopened at new location below 2003 May)
    417 E. 17th Ave.(at Logan St.), Denver, CO
    (303) 321-5925
    - brief tel. survey with John Ashton 2003Fe05We., mission statement receivable

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  • Bluebird Productions
    (303) 452-1029

  • Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex
    (303) 893-4100

  • Boulder Dinner Theatre <TheatreInBoulder.com> -
    5501 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder, 80303
    (303) 449-6000

  • Boulder Repertoire Company
    c/o 3850 Norwood Ct., Boulder 8030x
    (303) 449-7258

  • Boulder Theater Producers Guild
    location: Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder
    (303) 449-5151

  • Bug Theatre Company <BugTheatre.com> -
    This is an in-residence theater company at the nonprofit Bug Performance Art and Media Center.
    web site excerpts: " The Bug is a non-profit organization that seeks to foster a supportive community of artists in Denver by providing the opportunity for the development of unique voices, a diverse audience, and dynamic programming. We believe in the spirit of artistry as the driving force behind every production, respecting the integrity of the creative individual, and power of shared artistic experience."
    3654 Navajo St., Denver, CO 89211
    (303) 477-5977
    - ref. e-mail 2kJL24Mo; Matthew H; 99Ap30 Matthew H.

  • Buntport Theater Company <Buntport.com> -
    717B Lipan in Denver, CO, Denver, CO 80204
    (720) 946-1388
    See also:
  • Burlesque As It Was <BurlesqueAsItWas.com> - Michelle Baldwin's troupe of local girls is bringing back the art of burlesque to Denver area stages and has performed in other cities such as Las Vegas and Oklahoma City.
    (303) 934-7065
    See also:

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  • The Changing Scene
    inception: 1968 - theater; dance; poetry
    One of Denver's oldest theaters, The Changing Scene was founded by Al Brooks and Maxine Munt.
    1527-1/2 Champa St., Denver
    (303) 893-5775
    - initial ref. 5280 Magazine, Ja/Fe, '95

  • Coal Creek Community Theatre <CCCTheater.org> -

  • Colorado Alliance for Stage Theatre, Inc. (CAST)
    address: 702 Speer Blvd., Denver 80203
    (303) 275-9280 (business); fax & info line: 275-9295

  • Colorado Drama <ColoradoDrama.com> -
    web site excerpts: "devoted to Denver metro area theatre reviews, performing arts reviews, Colorado theatre festivals, theatrical criticism, and links to other theatre sites. All reviews and essays are written by Bob Bows, the performing arts reviewer for KUVO-FM..... radio station."

  • Colorado Dramatists
    Colorado Dramatists is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping promote new playrights and their plays. They have a monthly meeting called Theatre Schmoozer. They publish a guide called Colorado Dramatist Directory.
    location: Denver
    mail: PO Box 101405, Denver, 80250
    (hotline): (303) 595-5600

  • Colorado Festival of World Theatre <CFWT.org> - See Festival section for details or visit web site.

  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival <ColoradoShakes.org> -
    (See: Festivals section for details or tap above web link.)
    (303) 492-2782

  • Colorado Stage Company <ColoradoStage.com> -
    web site excerpts: "committed to presenting high quality live theatre to the Southern Metropolitan Communities and beyond. Our aim is to operate as a nonprofit organization, utilizing the talents of professional as well as semi-professional performers, in an effort to offer contemporary, classical, musical and children's productions and to facilitate education in theatre."
    Colorado Stage Co., PO Box 260086, Littleton CO 80163-0086
    (303) 471-8171

  • Colorado Theatre Guild <ColoradoTheatreGuild.org> -
    web site excerpts: "The Colorado Theatre Guild is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the promotion of the theatre arts in the state of Colorado."
    (Must turn on cookies to enter site - 2003De14Su)

  • Country Dinner Playhouse <CountryDinnerPlayhouse.com> -
    address: 6875 S. Clinton, Englewood
    (303) 799-1410 (reservations); busines office: 790-9311

  • Curious Theatre Company (See: Acoma Center.)

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  • Denver Center for the Performing Arts <DenverCenter.org> -
    (aka: "The Plex"); founded: 1972
    mission statement: "To provide the finest performing arts experiences to the people of the Rocky Mountain region and to develop the finest performing arts facilities to serve the community."
    1245 Champa Street, Denver, 80204
    (303) 446-4830

  • Denver Center Attractions
    1245 Champa St., Denver, 80204
    (303) 893-4000

  • Denver Center Theatre Company
    Denver Center for the Performing Arts <DenverCenter.org> -
    The largest professional resident acting company in the Rocky Mountain region, DCTC was founded by Donald Seawell as part of
    Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Winner of 1998 prestigious Tony Award for "Outstanding Regional Theatre"
    1050 13th St., Denver, CO
    (tickets): (303) 893-4100; toll free: (800) 641-1222

  • Denver Civic Theatre <DenverCivic.com> -
    "Off-Broadway" Theatre featuring 18+ productions a season, four resident theatre companies
    721 Santa Fe Dr., Denver, CO 80204
    (303) 595-3800
    - ref email from Denver Civic rec'd 2001 Feb. 01

  • Denver Drama Critics Circle
    This group bestows the Denver Drama Critics Circle Awards.
    -96Oc15: Rocky Mtn. News reported the DDCC consists of "writers who have reviewed a minimum of 52 plays in the preceding 12 month theater season." The article (pg. 8E) reported the following DDCC voters for 95-96 (twelfth annual) season:
    Jackie Campbell, Rocky Mtn. News;
    Dianne Zuckerman, Boulder Daily Camera;
    David Marlowe, Out Front & Boulder Daily Planet & Life On Capitol Hill & Wash. Park Profile;
    Holly Bartges, Quest;
    Sandra Brooks-Dillard, Denver Post.
    contact info: none available yet.

  • The Denver Opera Company <DenverOpera.com> -
    web site excerpts: The Denver Opera Company is the oldest opera company in the state of Colorado....As a non-profit company, we provide main stage and educational performance opportunities to local and regional musicians.......The Apprentice Program, through the audition process, offers chorus members a comprehensive education program in opera production. In addition to presenting staged operas, accompanied by piano, classes include ear-training, movement, music theory, character development and a Masters class in voice. Past performances include Menotti's The Old Maid and the Thief, Puccini's Madama Butterfly, Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicci, Mozart's The Impresario and Carlisle-Floyed's Susannah."
    P.O. Box 725, Broomfield 80038-0725
    (303) 320-3780

  • Denver Puppet Theater <DenverPuppetTheater.com> -
    3156 W. 38th Ave., Denver 80211
    (303) 458-6955

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  • Eden Theatrical Workshop
    The name Eden is an acronym for East Denver where Eden bagan in 1963. It was founded by Lucy M. Walker who remains its director. Eden specializes in "social dramas which examine important human issues such as depression, chemical dependency and sexuality."
    1570 Gilpin St., Denver, 80218
    (303) 321-2320

  • El Centro Su Teatro <SuTeatro.org> -
    inception: 1971
    El Centro Teatro is reported to be "the third oldest Chicano theater company in the United States."
    Web site provides current information on theatrical productions, art gallery shows, the free outdoor summer events; plus a Su Teatro newsletter and information on other events and chisme.
    web site excerpts: "The mission of El Centro Su Teatro is the preservation, development, instruction and promotion of Chicano/Latin history, culture, language and art. Historically, the Chicano/Latino population of Colorado has been undeserved. Our first priority is to nourish the Chicano/Latino appetite by providing high quality theater, music, dance and visual art. From this base, El Centro Su Teatro can strengthen the bonds between the ethnically diverse communities of our state and country."
    4725 High St., (near I-70 & Brighton Blvd.) Denver, 80216
    (303) 296-0219
    - initial info: RMNews, 97Je04We; e-mail from Jose Mercado 98Fe26Th

    Eulipions Cultural Center
    African American theater performances.
    1770 Sherman St., Denver, 802xx
    (303) 863-0026

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  • Gay Community Theatre
    Actors, technical crew, etc.
    3023 Curtis St., Denver, 80205
    (303) 292-5634
    Edit note: Must find out if this is a venue or a theatrical production listing.

  • Germinal Stage Denver <www2.privatei.com/~gsden> -
    inception: 1974
    we site excerpts: "Germinal Stage Denver is the runt stepchild of small non-profit theatres --a 24-year-old, 100-seat corner grocery of Thespis holding its own against the supermarkets. We're an actors' theatre, semi-rough, minimalist when we can afford it, doggedly hopelessly vaguely postmodern, but backpedaling forward to ritual, advancing rearward to modern, or sidestepping to shamelessly theatrical in more lucid moments. We have declared the battle against political correctness won and, licking our wounds, contemplate pro-cannibalism theme season. Immediate goal: search for wealthy but empathetic private patron........."
    2450 W. 44th Ave., Denver, 80211
    (303) 455-7108

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  • Her Acting Group (HAG)
    A women's theater company celebrating the lives of women.
    P.O. Box 2719, Denver, 80201
    (303) 722-7585

  • Heritage Square Music Hall
    5 Heritage Square, Golden, 802xx
    (303) 279-7800

  • HorseChart Theatre
    3317 Wyandot St., Denver, 80211
    (303) 458-0755

  • Human Theatre Company
    founded 1992 May
    1832 Spruce St., no. 4, Boulder, 80302
    (303) 440-7441, Amy Marschak, writer, actress, producer
    - info per Amy 97Oc13Mo, while at Newsstand coffehouse in Denver - confirmed 2001Ap20Fr while at King Soopers

  • Hunger Artists Ensemble Theatre <HungerArtists.org> -
    "Founded in Denver in 1979 by a like-minded group of actors who believed that working in a collaborative, ensemble style produced the most effecting theatre, Hunger Artists Ensemble Theatre has expanded to include directors, designers, technicians and guest artists from the best of the Denver theatre community.
    From 1979 to 1988, HA lead a nomadic existence, performing in spaces which ranged from Hannigan’s Greenhouse to the Mercury Cafe to the Pirate Gallery. From 1988-93 HA performed at Jack’s Theatre in a collaborative relationship with CityStage Ensemble and from 1993-96, with the cooperation and support of the University of Denver’s Theatre Department, HA became the resident theatre at DU.......
    HA’s history of producing theatre that focuses on the larger issues of our culture culminated in the 1997 production of Tony Kushner’s epic, Angels in America at the Acoma Center. Angels was the largest production in HA’s history in terms of artistic staff, community involvement and audience attendance."
    HA has garnered dozens of awards and nominations from the Denver Drama Critics Circle and some “Bests” from Westword, including Best Production awards for The Real Thing, Breaking the Code, Angels in America and Dancing At Lughnasa.
    821 Acoma St., Denver, 80204
    (303) 893-5438
    - Descriptive bio condensed from the Hunger Artists web site 2kJL25.
    ref. e-mail fr. Dell, 2000Ja16; 2000JL25Tu.

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    Jack's Theatre
    1553 Platte St. (adjacent to Paris on the Platte coffeehouse), Denver, 802xx
    (303) 433-8082

    Jafrika <Interpacificnet.com/art/usa/jafrika.htm> -
    debut: 93 November
    Jafrika is a highly active group of three people whose specialty is dramatized storytelling as visual performance with music, dance, poetry, and song. They work from their own original material and do lots of performances for children. The name Jafrika reflects the ethnic background of two of its founding members, Japanese/African. The Jafrika web site reveals quite a few rave reviews from the local press.
    3230 Clay St., Denver, 80211
    (303) 433-7163
    "Among the finest cultural offerings available" - Rocky Mtn. News, Alan Dumas 95Ja01
    - Bio based on call-in survey 98Mr25We Chris Macor including citation of Alan Dumas quote. Site viewd 98Mr25We. Photo from Jafrika web site.

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  • The LIDA Project Experimental Theatre Company <Lida.org> -
    "Art Theatre Designed to Infect Your Mind"
    web site excerpts: "The LIDA Project was founded in 1995 as an experimentation-based progressive theatre company....... The group has performed in a varying array of locations from small black-box theaters to The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, from abandoned warehouses and coffee shops to the street itself. The LIDA Project's dedication to detailed and inventive work led the group to be honored with the 1996 Innovation in the Arts Award, and 5 Denver Drama Critics Circle nominations within its first season. The works continue as The LIDA Project begins its second season opening its performance workshop in a converted industrial garage, and an extension theatre planned in New York for the fall of 1998."
    address: P.O. Box 13553, Denver, 80201-3553
    (888) 293-9193 (toll free)

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  • Miners Alley Playhouse <MinersAlley.com> -(formerly Morrison Theatre Co) "classes, workshops, art shows, movie nights,... and mainstage productions occuring year round." (inception: circa 1989)
    - ref email Dell Domnik, 2003 June 18.

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    National Theatre Conservatory
    National Theatre Conservatory is part of Denver Center Theatre Company.
    (303) 893-4000, ext. 4855

    Nomad Theatre <http://bcn.boulder.co.us/arts/nomadtheatre> -
    "Boulder Colorado's Oldest Community Theatre" (est 1951)
    1410 Quince St., Boulder, 80304
    (303) 443-7510 (box ofc)
    footnote: Nomad Theatre was formerly known as Nomad Players
    - ref. e-mail 99My19We, Ryla Wolfe, VP of Nomad

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  • Opera Colorado <OperaColorado.org> -
    web site excerpts: "Our mission is to present the highest quality performances of grand operas in their original languages with projected English supertitle translations. Our artists represent both the ranks of established international stars and exciting young performers.......Opera Colorado was founded in 1981 by Nathaniel Merrill and Louise Sherman, who came to Denver from long careers at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Since then Opera Colorado has produced a wide range of operas representing over 225 years of opera heritage in Boettcher Hall and The Buell Theater in Denver’s Performing Arts Complex. Opera Colorado’s young artist training program has also produced numerous operas in Denver-area university theaters.

    Opera Colorado’s education and outreach programs have appeared in performance in countless schools, community centers, assisted living facilities, and the like. Our Speakers' Bureau and adult education ventures have provided programs literally thousands of times for Opera Colorado support groups.......Opera Colorado’s travel program has taken thousands of opera fans to great performances of grand opera in cities including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Prague, Rome, Milan, Budapest, Washington, Paris, and Santa Fe"
    mail: Opera Colorado, 695 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite #20, Denver, CO 80246
    (303) 98-MUSIC (986-8742)
    (303) 893-4100 (box office)
    (800) 641-1222 (toll free)
    (303) 893-9582 (TTY)

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  • Paper Cat Theatre Company <PaperCat.org> -
    web site excerpts: "Paper Cat Theatre Company was started in the fall of 1999 by Chicago Second City alumni Kristine Hipps, and theatrical designer Bodae Black. Our goal is to provide diversity & opportunity to both artists and audiences in Colorado by utilizing a variety of media and talent to enhance and preserve the art of performance. Paper Cat is also expanding it's horizons to feature film...."
    717 Lipan St, Denver, CO 80204-4406
    (303) 320-0966 (ticket info)
    See also:
  • Paragon Theatre Company <ParagonTheatre.com> - "a creative ensemble dedicated to the presentation of works firmly rooted in honesty, action, integrity and clarity of vision." Incorporated in 2000.June
    3257 Fairfax St., Denver, CO. 80222
    (303) 300.2210

  • PHAMALy <Phamaly-Colorado.org> -
    mision statement: "We are the Physically Handicapped Amateur Musical Actors League - PHAMALy. Our mission is to enable physically challenged performers to showcase their talents and abilities and to make the performing arts more accessible to everyone. As a theater group and touring company, we perform for businesses, schools, churches, special events and fundraisers. As a not-for-profit membership organization, PHAMALy is dedicated to producing traditional theater in nontraditional ways. We strive to empower our actors as they acquire and improve their acting skills. We are also working to educate theater professionals in methods of adapting their own productions to the needs of people with disabilities. Since 1989, PHAMALy has gained national recognition and has received numerous Denver Drama Critics' Circle Awards, and the Mayor's Award for Excellence in the Arts."
    PHAMALy, P.O. Box 44216, Denver, CO 80201-4216
    (303) 575-0005
    - mission statement courtesy PHAMALy by email 2001 Sept. 25 Yues.; prior info per Kathleen Traylor e-mail 99Mr22

  • Phoenix Theatre <TheatreGroup.org> -
    (See also Theatre On Broadway.)
    1124 Santa Fe Dr.,, Denver, CO
    bus. ofc: 1200 Downing St., Denver, CO80218
    (303) 894-0799 (tickets)

  • Playwright Theatre <PlaywrightTheatre.com> -
    2119 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO 80206
    (303) 499-0383
    - email: Lynn, 2007Ap13Fr

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  • Rivertree Theatre
    1124 Santa Fe Dr., Denver, 802xx

  • Rocky Mountain Theatre For Kids <TheaterForKids.net> -
    web site excerpts: "Founded in 1996, Rocky Mountain Theatre For Kids gives students, beginner and experienced alike, a professional theater experience as well as the unique opportunity to study theatre in a true workshop environment."
    5311 Western Ave. Suite D, Boulder, CO 80301
    (303) 245-8150

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  • Schwader Theatre
    (303) 399-2660

  • Shadow Theatre <ShadowTheatre.com> -
    1420 Ogden St. (the Ralph Waldo Emerson Center),
    Denver, CO 80218-1910
    (303) 837-9355 (reservations)
    (303) 321-3858 (office)

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  • Theatre.com <Theatre.com/denver> - This is a direct link to the Denver section of <Theatre.com>, a major site for nationwide theater news and resources based in New Jersey.

  • Theater in the Park <TheaterInThepark.org> - Free outdoor summer performances in Denver's Civic Center Park.
    ofc: Theater in the Park
    5151 South Steele Street, Greenwood Village, CO 80121
    (303) 770-2106

  • Theatre On Broadway <TheatreGroup.org> - "Denver's favorite venue for gay theatre" Theatre On Broadway is a nonprofit theater that presents Broadway and off-Broadway plays seen in Denver for their first time.
    theater: 13 S. Broadway (at Ellsworth), Denver, CO
    bus. ofc: 1200 Downing St., Denver, CO80218
    (303) 860-9360 (reservations)
    (303) 894-0799 (tickets)

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  • The Upstart Crow Theatre Company <Serve.com/upstart> -
    web site excerpts: "Upstart Crow Theatre Company performs classical theatre with a true passion and love for the playwright's words. It is our love of language, of the finely crafted phrase that touches the soul, that draws us to the works of the world's greatest playwrights. It is this love that drives our philosophy of fidelity to the original text. We offer our audiences a luxury seldom seen today...an uncut play. We go out of our way to present plays as they were written. We restore scenes that are traditionally cut. When available translations are inadequate, we do our own. We were the first theatre company in the world to produce the four-act version of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, one of the few theatre companies to perform the unabridged Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw, and last season we presented an uncut Hamlet. We treasure the words that these playwrights have given us and we offer them, all of them, to our audiences."
    2131 Arapahoe, Boulder, 80302
    (303) 442-1415

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  • Vox Feminista <VoxFeminista.org> - "a multi-media, multi-passionate performance tribe of women" (formerly "Vox Femina")
    PO Box 17, Jamestown, CO 80455
    (303) 545-0107

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Colorado Statewide
Outside the metro Denver-Boulder-Evergreen area (303 and 720 telephone area codes)


  • Wheeler Opera House <WheelerOperaHouse.com> -
    web site excerpts: "Operating 360+ days a year, the Wheeler serves as the primary venue for numerous local non-profit organizations and presents a variety of programs throughout the year including theater, concerts, dance, films and lectures. It is owned and operated by the City of Aspen. Listed on both the state and national historic register, the theatre was restored to its current Victorian splendor in 1984."
    320 East Hyman Ave., Aspen, CO 81611
    (970) 920-5770

Colorado Springs:

Estes Park

Fort Collins:

  • Open Stage Theater Company <OpenStage.com> -
    web site excerpts: "Emphasis will be placed on providing the best in quality theatre for the public benefit, on providing educational outreach to the community, and on providing professional opportunities for company members."
    701 Pear St., Ft.Collins , CO 80521
    (970) 482-5227

Grand Junction:


  • The Damon Runyon Repertory Theatre Company, Inc. <DamonRunyon.org> -
    professional theatre company with a full season of productions. They produce mainstage, musicals, dinner theatres, and original works, provide educational cultural opportunities to the local community and their company members as well as provide  compensation for company members and local performing artist.
    215 East Orman Ave, Pueblo, Colorado 81004
    (719) 564 0579
    - mission statement paraphrased from email link request from Joey Gonzales, 2002Se04We

New Mexico

Santa Fe


City Name

  • mmm

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