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See: MileHighNights.com for comprehensive info on nightclubs & bars in greater Denver.

Metro Denver-Boulder-Evergreen (303-720 area codes)

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  • Aztlan Theatre 974 Santa Fe Dr., Denver  

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  • Eck's Saloon <EcksSaloon.com> -
    9890 W. Girton Dr., Lakewood (NE corner of Hampden & Kippling)
    (303) 989-2991

  • El Chapultapec
    Denver (
    LoDo near Coor's Field)

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  • Fado Irish Pub <FadoIrishPub.com> - 1735 19th St., Denver (LoDo)
    (303) 297-0066

  • Fiddler's Green
    Greenwood Village (Denver/Englewood vicinity)

  • 15th Street Tavern <15thStTavern.com> - 623 15th St., Denver 80202 (downtown)
    (303) 572-0822

  • Fillmore Auditorium (formerly "Mammoth Event Center")
    They say they'll be getting a local web site soon. see: San Fansisco Fillmore web site: Bill Graham Presents <TheFillmore.com>
    1510 Clarkson St. (at Colfax Ave.)
    (303) 837-0360 - event line: 837-1482
    California's fattest concert promotion company, Bill Graham Presents, spawned from the tie dye, hippy hashish freak movement of the 1960's, had its music center at Fillmore Auditorium in San Fransisco where the late Graham built the business. Chuck Morris, who formerly booked venues like Boulder's Tulagi (circa 1971) and later Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, became principle partner with BGP as their local arm, circa 1998. BGP/Morris purchased and renovated the longstanding Mammoth Gardens (one block from Ogden Theater) at great expense and renamed it, naturally, Fillmore Auditorium, although Capitol Hill neighborhood diehards probably don't appreciate the Californicated rechristening. In any case the Mammoth, er uh Fillmore, holds something like 3,000 bodies and reopened in May, 1999. Chuck the promoter is expected to become very rich if he can find a place to park up to 3,000 cars every show without peeving a lot of us Capitol hillbillies who actually live here, not to mention the Ogden Theater whose customers have kept our bushes watered for years!
    (See the national web site of BGP. Maybe they'll get a local page too. Read more in the Promoter section under BGP/Morris.)

  • Fox Theatre and Cafe <FoxTheatre.com> - 13th Ave., Boulder (University Hill)
    (303) 447-0095 (office)

  • Funky Buddha Lounge <FunkyBuddhaLounge.com> -
    776 Lincoln St., Denver, CO
    (303) 832-5075

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  • Jazz@Jacks <JazzAtJacks.com> -
    1553 Platte St., Suite 202, (2nd floor) Denver 80202
    (Platte Valley across the river from LoDo)
    (303) 433-1000

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  • -------

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  • Mammoth Event Center
    (See : Fillmore Auditorium.)

  • Mercury Cafe <MercuryCafe.com> -
    2199 California St., Denver (LoDo /Curtis Park vicinity)
    294-9281 (hotline)
    (303) 294-9258 (office)

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  • Ogden Theater <OgdenTheater.net> - 935 E. Colfax Ave. (at Ogden St.), Denver 80218 (Capitol Hill)
    (303) 830-2525
    capacity: 1,105
    The Ogden, one of Denver's oldest theaters, was converted into a live performance center for major up and coming national and world bands in 1993. It had been a film house for decades. In it's earliest years it had been a live performance center featuring events like a debate between Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini. The Ogden is owned and operated by Nobody In Particular Presents. Doug Kauffman is NIPP founder.
    (See also Nobody In Particular Presents in
    Promoter section.)

  • Onyx Club <OnyxDenver.com> - 314 E. 13th Ave. (at Grant St.), Denver

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  • Teikyo Theater
    3001 S.. Federal Blvd., Denver, 802xx
    (303) 937-4205
    founded 1890: capacity: 999
    Teikyo is part of a college campus. It is a venue and rents for show events but is not a theatrical production company. Teikyo is one of Denver's oldest theaters and claims to be situated at the highest point in Denver proper.

  • Tracks <Tracks2000.com> - gay dance club with DJs.
    2975 Fox St., (20th & Chestnut) Denver, CO
    (303) 292-6600

  • Triangle <TriangleDenver.com> - caters to male leather crowd, one of Denver's oldest gay bars.
    2036 Broadway, Denver
    (303) 293-9009

  • Trios Enoteca <TriosEnoteca.com> -
    1730 Wynkoop (in LoDo across from Union Station), Denver, CO
    (303) 293-2887

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  • The Underground <RootUnderground.net> -
    The Underground bills itself as "Boulder's only under-age after-hours night club." They feature many DJs. Root is a store selling gear, same owner.
    (303) 544-1718

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Colorado Statewide
Outside the metro Denver-Boulder-Evergreen area (303 and 720 telephone area codes)

Fort Collins

  • Everyday Joe’s Coffee House <EverydayJoes.org> -
    web site excerpts: ' non-profit coffee house.... a portion of all proceeds goes directly back into community based charities. We also open our building up for concerts, meetings, and special events. Free wireless Internet and Internet kiosks are available for public use."
    144 S. Mason St., Fort Collins, CO 80524
    (970) 224-4138
    - ref. email: 2006Mr06Mo Seth Daire

  • The Starlight Lounge <TheStarlight.com> - a venue where bands play
    167 N. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524


  • Loveland Java Lounge <LovelandJavaLounge.com> - a cafe that "boasts a permanent fine arts gallery, a variety of artwork presented by local artists throughout the establishment, a tie-dye retail store (open evenings), crafts shop, and more."
    310 North Cleveland, Loveland Colorado
    (970) 461-3171
    - ref email Marc Guisinger 2004Mr02Tu


New Mexico

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Introduction - Clubs & Venues

Venues throughout Colorado may be selected by editorial preference for listing in ColoradoArts.Net. Those listed on this page are in metro Denver. Others are linked from the Theater section and the Regional section. A minimal preferred standard is that your venue should have a dedicated domain name web address as our readers would very much like to see your web site. Your venue should also offer live entertainment.

Green is the Garden!

Are you an Animal Rights Fanatic? We are!
In most cases it would be impractical to preclude the listing of any venue based on menu content, since that would be too difficult to keep up with and would rule out listing the majority of venues. The purpose of listing venues is to steer our web audience to live entertainment, dancing and refreshments. However, in the interest of promoting animal rights awareness, ColoradoArts.net cannot in good conscience provide a link or listing to any venue whose name inherently promotes animal slaughter. In other words "Sid's Steak & Shake Hall of Dance" and "Petulia's Pork & Party" (absurd examples) would be regarded as blatantly devoted to the dark torturous path of bloody slaughter in service to man's ubiquitous violent tongue. In that spirit, this editor encourages the greening of hearts, not for the sake of snobbery nor for the image of piety. But rather, picture yourself on a trip to Auschwitz and ask yourself what's so different about a trip to the slaughterhouse. Not to reduce the poignancy of the human version. Only to say that the animal experience is indeed a massive, personal, and profound holocaust to every creature needlessly tricked into the industrial mechanism of death. Stop leaning on animals!

Sobriety, What a Concept!
In similar spirit, I applaud any venue that breaks away from the mold of alcoholism and cigarette smoke. American beer, for one thing, tastes like a noxious chemical if not like watered down urine with alcohol added to slightly numb the taste. Good microbrews are, on the other hand, healthy to the spirit and the body when drank with wise moderation. I personally enjoy one now and then. Better yet is the concept of sobriety where alcohol is, at most, the sideline to a good selection of invigorating natural and nonalcoholic offerings.

Mind if I Fart?
To a nonsmoker, it is quite astonishing to observe man voraciously inhaling the stale fetid air of a typical nightclub and calling it a "good time". Tobacco smoke is nothing less than a stench. It is asphyxiating. The nonsmoker often wonders, "Do these people know not the joy of air?" Air is that which you dance upon. Air is what gives flight to those who would be free. Air is that which enabled Shakespeare.

If you happen to be starting a club soon, consider starting a club for people who are dismayed by the pathological odors of smoking. Host to people who are thrilled to socialize and dance amidst fresh air and sobriety. Cater to palates that are alive with life. Open your patio to the sky. Celebrate the potential of living!

(This was written years before smoking was outlawed in Denver bars.)

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