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Village Idiots & Buskers
Clowns - Mimes - Jugglers - Firewalkers - Freaks - etc.

'Stretch' Bill Coleman
does the People's Fair
(See his site)
(new section launched 2004 March 11)
Metro Denver - Colorado - New Mexico - Wyoming
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Metro Denver-Boulder-Evergreen (303-720 area codes)

  • R.W. Boyle <DocHollidayLive.biz> - Mr. Boyle portrays the role of historic gunfighter, gambler and dentist John Henry "Doc" Holliday all over Colorado.
    (New Castle, CO)
    - ref.: email RW Boyle, 2008Ja27Su

  • Circus of the Earth <CircusOfTheEarth.com> - juggling, movement and circus arts devoted to environmental consciousness and higher human aspiration....... acrobats, contortionists, aerialists, equilibrists
    3213 Walnut St., Boulder CO 80301
    (720) 564-9805

  • Crispy Family Carnival Spectactular <CrispyFamily.com> -
    web site excerpts: "an outlandish, pyrotechnic smorgasbord of neo-vaudevillian entertainment and sideshow oddities. The Crispy Family provides a ukulele toting emcee, a saw-playing minstrel, and an actual giant. In addition, (their) show includes a variety of fire-freaks, fire-nymphs, and bonafide sideshow weirdoes."
    Westminster, CO
    - ref.: email Crispy 2004 July 12

  • Denver Mad Scientist Club <DMSC.org> - Gadgeteers, potato gunmen, robo-nerds, Tesla coil lovers, kinetics, pyrotechnics, etc.

  • Doug Bates <DarkWaters.org> - Doug is a fire juggler based in Denver.

  • Extreme Performers <ExtremePerformers.com> - fire performers
    based: metro Denver
    - ref.: email Crispy 2004 July 12

  • Little Fyodor <LittleFyodor.com> - Fyodor can be found in the Bands & Musicians section. He's not only a performer but has a history with Under the Floorboards as DJ at KGNU in Boulder at least since the 1980s. But the reason he gets the extra listing here is because he has earned a CAN award for being a preeminet village idiot.

  • Stretch, the Nine Foot Clown <Stiltwalker.com> - Bill Coleman, member of the Colorado Clown Association, is frequently seen at local arts festivals around Denver including Peoples' Fair.
    Denver, CO
    (303) 922-4655

  • Zipcode Man <ZipcodeMan.com> -
    web site excerpts: "David Rosdeitcher has absolute recall of all 48,000 zip codes in the United States and many foreign countries....... Guinness World Record holder for most consecutive zip codes identified at random....... David is a world class juggler, able to juggle 7 balls (or) 5 clubs."
    CAN has caught his act on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall.
    Boulder, CO 80301-1014

Colorado Statewide
Outside the metro Denver-Boulder-Evergreen area (303 and 720 telephone area codes)


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Introduction - Village Idiots

For lack of a better categorical label, the term "Village Idiots" is meant to imply those geniuses and authentic idots alike who comprise the freaky community of outsiders and non-mainstream color known as clowns, mimes, jugglers, firewalkers, etc. To qualify for this section you must essentially first fail to qualify for any other section. Simply being a busker is not an automatic qualification since buskers include leading arts/entertainment categories. Placement in this section is purely on the editorial discretion of Colorado Arts Net.

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