The Cow-lorado Hall of Fame
World Famous, Infamous and Locally Large People
Connected to Arts Culture & Folklore in the Region

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Tim Allen
Madeleine Albright

Chet Atkins
Ginger Baker
The Beats
Ruth Bennett
Alan Berg
Jello Biafra
Big Head Todd
& the Monsters
Rosalyn Bishop
Blue Mtn. Arts
Tommy Bolin
Stan Brakhage
Ted Bundy
Raymond Burr
Neal Cassady
Lon Chaney
Lon Chaney Jr.

"Buffalo" Bill Cody
Joe Cocker
Gary Coleman
Judy Collins
Rene Davis
Jack Dempsey
John Denver
Fransisco Duran
Jimmy Durante

Bob Dylan
The Eagles
Mamie Eisenhower
Douglas Fairbanks

Eugene Fields
Gene Fowler Jr.
The Ink Spots
Barry Fey
Chris Fonseca
The Frantix
Richie Furay
Allen Ginsberg
Jill Goodachre
Bob Greenlee
Pam Grier
James Guercio
Woody Harrelson's dad
Goldie Hawn
John Hinkley Jr.
Helen Hunt

Jinx Jones
Janis Joplin's sister
Ronny Kae
Grace Kelly
Jack Kerouac
Stephen King
Vance Kirkland
Dorothy Lamour
Harold Lloyd

Claudine Longet
Guru Maharaji
Hattie McDaniel
Spanky McFarland
Hattie McDaniel

Spanky McFarland
James Michener
Glenn Miller

Todd ParkMohr
Chuck Morris
Bill Murray
Willie Nelson
Mojo Nixon
Antoinette Perry
The Persuasions
Gretchen Peters
Jon Benet Ramsey
Dean Reed
Dizzy Reed
Damon Runyon
Joe Russell
Susan Saint James
The Samples
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Danny Seraphine
Frank Shorter
Mattie Silks

The Smothers Brothers
Jill Sobule
Stephen Stills
Nikola Tesla
Hunter S. Thompson
Leon Uris

Joan Van Ark
Amy Van Dyken
Paul Whiteman
Names in the Hall of Fame have significant connections to the Colorado region either directly or through family or careers. Many names are world renown while others are regionally notable. Bios are provided with pictures when available.

Introduction: Cow-lorado Hall of Fame
Click a name or look for the above entries in the People section or other parts of Colorado Arts Net. This list includes talented people and groups in entertainment, arts and culture. These are mostly entities with strong Denver ties who made the grade. In fewer cases, people and groups from Aspen or other parts of Colorado are featured. (Eventually CAN might explore the Aspen-Telluride celebrity scene.) Entries in this section are hot linked to other parts of CAN where you can read biographies and, in some cases, see pictures.

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