Denver-1736 E. 17th Ave./Bob Dylan
930 E. Colfax Ave/Clint Eastwood
937 E. Colfax Ave/Doyle&Houdini
1920 E. Colfax /Dylan,Smothers,Collins
1629 Franklin St./Douglas Fairbanks
980 Grant St./Neal Cassady
1000 Grant/Bob Hope & Kirk Douglas
1522 Lafayette Street/Jack Kerouac
1625 Broadway/Dynasty
1,000 block of Lincoln St./Bill Cody
4020 Raleigh St/Grace Kelly
East High School/Many Major Stars
Boulder-1619 Pine St./Mork & Mindy
EstesPark StanleyHotel/Stephen King

Golden vicinity-Lookout Mtn./Cody
Nederland-Caribou Ranch
King Ranch/Frank Sinatra
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photo: Vin 98
  Denver-Capitol Hill
1736 East 17th Avenue - Bob Dylan Residence
In the early 1960s moments before fame came his way, Bob Dylan stayed at this address for a short period of time. The house is adjacent to a cinder block building on the SW corner of 17th & Williams. This would have been at the time when he played the Satire Lounge on East Colfax. I would assume Dylan was loosely acquainted with local performer Judy Collins who hit fame concurrently. On one occasion, roughly 1989 if I recall, Dylan returned to Capitol Hill after doing a local concert. He walked straight into Wax Trax Records at 13th and Washington as a customer. Dylan has been seen around these parts in relatively low profile on other occasions. In 1971 Dylan personally invited me on stage to play harmonica in one song of a set as he performed at the Pioneer Inn in Nederland, 19 miles west of Boulder when I was barely 20 years old.

(See also: 1920 E. Colfax Ave., in this section.)

recommended site with plenty of Dylan links:
Expecting Rain <> -

ref: Phil Goodstein, book title: "The Ghosts of Capitol Hill" (96)
photo retouched to remove sidewalk sign and business banners all over front of house.

Denver-Capitol Hill
930 East Colfax Ave - Clint Eastwood
Back in the late 70s Clint Eastwood starred in a hit movie called Any Which Way But Loose, about a drifter and his pet chimpanzee riding around in a pickup truck dodging knuckle sandwiches in a big cowtown. That town was our town. Much of the movie was filmed right on Colfax Avenue, mainly East Colfax. In one scene Clint stays at the Royal Host Motel, 930 East Colfax, and rides the glass elevator to the curb, then walks east toward the Seven Eleven right across the street. Watch carefully and you'll notice a few Capitol Hill porno and booze establishments as Clint rolls down the avenue with his chimp toward downtown. I believe you can see them passing Jerry's Record Exchange. A fistfight scene was filmed at Zanzibar, a former country western bar on East Colfax in Aurora. Legend has it to this day you can still find some of the ape shit on the rug at the Royal Host motel, the real life scene of many seedy crack cocaine deals and murders through the 1990s.

photo: Vin 98

photo: Vin 98
Denver-Capitol Hill
935 East Colfax Avenue
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Harry Houdini

In the early part of the century the great magician Harry Houdini and legendary writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came together at the Ogden Theater at 935 East Colfax for the purpose of engaging in some sort of high debate. I'm sure the Ogden saw many other huge stars in it's early rendition. But the minor fact of this particular visit by the great Doyle and Houdini and other stars becomes a bit noteworthy in light of the more recent fact that the theater is now operated as a refurbished live entertainment venue by Denver's biggest independent concert promoter, Douglas Jay Kauffman.
ref: Phil Goodstein, book title: "The Ghosts of Capitol Hill" (96)

Denver-Capitol Hill
1920 East Colfax Avenue
Bob Dylan, Smothers Brothers & Judy Collins:

One day back in the sixties some relatively unknown scrawny kid living in the Capitol Hill neighborhood wandered over to Satire Lounge at 1920 East Colfax Ave to play some Woodie Guthrie music. The story is that he got "hissed" right out of there. That kid was none other than Robert Zimmerman who had renamed himself Bob Dylan after poet Dylan Thomas. Bobbie later became the idolized troubadour of an entire generation with lightning quick twisting lyrical metaphors of great complexity and social importance. Dylan lived for a brief time at 1736 East17th Avenue in a tiny wood house near Williams Street.

The Satire Lounge was also the beginning of two very famous comedy careers, those of Tommy and Dick Smothers, better known as The Smothers Brothers who hit their peak in the late 60s. The Smothers Brothers were spotted clowning around somewhat hilariously in the bar and around the billiards table when a talent manager suggested they make it a career. Equally significant, the brothers lived in the only apartment above the Satire, which is now occupied by Joe who has been a Satire employee for some twenty years. One source indicates the brothers went on to San Francisco to do their first show.

Famed folk singer Judy Collins also did some of her earliest performances at the Satire. She was a student at East High School just a few blocks away.

More recently and for decades the Satire has been owned by popular patron of Denver's Greek community, Pete Contos. Pete's father in law is Ari Zavaras, former Denver police chief, director of Colorado Dept. of Corrections and more recently Colorado's top cop, aka the Manager of Public Safety. Contos has been prominent in the colorful annual Greek Festival at Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Pete told this editor he came to the USA from Greece in 1956.
Festivals section for details.)
ref: Phil Goodstein, book title: "The Ghosts of Capitol Hill" (96)

photo: Vin 98

Denver-Capitol Hill
1629 Franklin St. - Douglas Fairbanks residence
Douglas Fairbanks who later became a huge film star, producer and director, lived at this address. Sadly, the house is gone. It's been replaced by adjoining townhomes.
ref: Phil Goodstein, book title: "The Ghosts of Capitol Hill" (96)

Denver-Capitol Hill
980 Grant Street - Neal Cassady
Decades ago famed author and literary character model Neal Cassady and his love Carolyn Robinson lived in the building now known as the Colburn Hotel apartments around the time they met. Just thought I'd mention it as a minor inspiration to all the Section 8 HUD beatniks languoring there more recently.
ref: ChuckPirtle document 94 June citing the Kerouac book: On the Road, p. 43.
ref: Phil Goodstein, book title: "The Ghosts of Capitol Hill" (96)

Denver-Capitol Hill
1000 Grant Street- Bob Hope & Kirk Douglas
The hotel more recently known as the Burnsley Hotel was once reportedly owned by four stars including Kirk Douglas, Ella Fitzgerald and (rumored) Bob Hope. It is located at 1000 Grant Street on Capitol Hill in Denver. (partly verified)
Indirect Survey: 950831SBHolle and misplaced news clip.

photo: Vin 98
Denver-Capitol Hill
1522 Lafayette Street - Jack Kerouac residence
ref: Phil Goodstein, book title: "The Ghosts of Capitol Hill" (96)
We don't yet know when Jack or his Beat Generation pals lived in this apartment building just off of East Colfax Avenue, or how long he lived here. Presumably it was in the 1940s or 50s. It is also ironic that, many decades later in the 1980s-90s, there was a bakery one block up Colfax at the corner of Humboldt, called Vollmer's. The wife of Beat writer William Burroughs was Joan Vollmer from New York state. To the best of our knowledge, it is just a coincidence of surnames and the two Vollmer families are not related.

Denver-Capitol Hill
1,000 block of Lincoln Street and 1,000 block of Grant Street
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

When Buffalo Bill Cody brought his Wild West Show to Denver in 1898 he staged it in an open space area bordered by Lincoln Street, Grant Street, from 10th to 11th Avenues.
ref: Phil Goodstein, book title: "The Ghosts of Capitol Hill" (96)

Denver-Northwest Side
4020 Raleigh St - Grace Kelly 1951 Summer Residence:
Legendary Grace Kelly was a 22 year old summer stock actress at Elitch's from June through August of 1951 when she reportedly got a telegram asking her to come to Hollywood to be in a film. She boarded at 4020 Raleigh Street just a few blocks away where she is still remembered by at least one surviving neighbor. For details and web links go to the
Grace Kelly entry in the People section.

photo: Vin 98
Denver-Capitol Hill
East High School

Students of East High included famed actor Douglas Fairbanks, singer Judy Collins, and one nationally famous guitarist (I'll find the clip.) CAN has also been informed that the mother of the kid who played Spanky of Spanky and Our Gang (the early-century situation comedy serial), was a teacher there. Spanky also reportedly lived in Denver. (Actual names and details later.) America's first ever black Academy Award winner was Hattie McDaniel, an East High grad. Hattie played Scarlet's servant in the 1939 epic film Gone With the Wind. Her award was for Best Supporting Actress. In early 1997 the film Asteroids was released. It used East High for a crowd scene. Actress Pam Grier (films: Jackie Brown; Coffee; Foxy Brown, etc.) attended East. So did Hollywood film director Peter O'Fallon, who was publicized for the film Suicide Kings in 1998.
sources: assorted articles & web sites, Indirect Survey: 950831SBHolle. McDowel info from Rocky Mtn. News article 97Se16Tu (Coloroddity feature) sourced from book "Famous Coloradans by Abbott Fry." O'Fallon article D.Post 98Ap12Su, p. 1H.
For more East High info, be sure to visit...

1625 Broadway/Dynasty TV Series

The twin towers known as the "World Trade Center in downtown Denver served as out-takes defining the mythical location of oil baron offices in the television seried Dynasty in the early 1980s. At this time Denver was home base to many real life oil companies tapping into shale in places like Parachute, Colorado..

photo: Vin 98

1619 Pine Street - Mork and Mindy Show:
In 1979 I was a chronic young pothead living at 1607 and 1611 Pine Street in the adjoinment of two Boulder houses. One night while puffing on some sensimilla, a bunch of bright spotlights began to light up my front window. My place was rank with the smell of weed. Terrified, I jumped to the window and carefully peeked through the curtains wondering if I had time to flush the dope before the police would start busting in with a warrant. To my surprise those were Hollywood studio lights blazing on the house next door. Greatly relieved, I went out for a walk and figured it was just a film crew doing another Sherwin Williams paint commercial - as had allegedly occurred before. Then one sunny afternoon I stepped out and two elderly women drove up to the curb. I listened and errantly heard them ask if "Mark and Mindy" live here, pointing to 1619 Pine. I did not have a clue and politely suggested they walk up and knock on the door. Only later did I hear about the show and catch it on television. An endless stream of camera-toting tourists plagued the house for many years.

The house with four apartments at 1619 Pine was used for the exterior shots to The Mork and Mindy Show, one of the most popular situation comedies of late '70s - early '80s television. Mork, played by Robin Williams with his wife played by Pam Dawber, was an alien from another planet who settled in Boulder. Other Boulder spots used as exteriors for the show included the then current address of Boulder Book Store and J.J. McCabe's bar. Just two blocks from my alien neighbors there was a pre-existing produce store owned by two vegetarian twin brothers from Brooklyn. The store was called Down to Earth Produce.

Estes Park
The Stanley Hotel
Stephen King, author of the epic horror story The Shining, was first inspired at the Stanley which later became the now infamous Overlook Hotel in the Movie and more recent miniseries. King and his wife had been living in Boulder in the 1970s after moving fom Maine. Legend has it they came at the end of season just before the hotel closed for winter. Thus they were the only guests in the entire hotel. King found haunting ideas during his stay there.

Golden vicinity
Lookout Mountain Buffalo Bill Museam and grave
In the early history of Denver "Buffalo Bill" Cody was famed for his Wild West Show which, to the beast of my knowledge, was some sort of rodeo opera.. It glamorized paleface ways for better or for worse but also romanticized the plight of the native American. Bill is buried up there on Lookout Mountain with all those antennas overlooking the big city under the brown cloud. Golden is a town which is the far west suburb of metro Denver.
Visit: Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum 987-1/2 Lookout Mtn. Rd., Golden, CO
(303) 526-0747; 526-0744.

Caribou Ranch (Recording Studio)
In the early 1970s James Guercio operated a recording studio of significant world reknown given that many famous musicians were reported to do private recording sessions there on occasion. I seem to recall that one such musician was George Harrison or Ringo Starr of the Beatles. The well known band Chicago also recorded at Caribou in the 1970s. We also have a report that In 1974 Elton John recorded the album "Caribou" at Caribou Ranch. Famous acts Badfinger and Blood Sweat & Tears apparently also recorded there. Caribou is essentially a former ghost town within walking distance right outside of Nederland, some 18 miles west of Boulder. Last heard, Jim Guercio is in real estate in Boulder
contact: Caribou Companies, 1300 Walnut Street Suite 200, Boulder , CO 80302
(303) 440 4644 -
e-mail: -

King Ranch (exact location untold)
CAN has been informed there was once a nearby mountain retreat for stars called King Ranch. It was reportedly owned by none other than Frank Sinatra and even had a landing strip for airplanes.
- Indirect Survey: 950831SBHolle.

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