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Other schools may be found in sections such as Dance or Film or Theater or Photography.
The ones listed here may be those that cover two or more arts disciplines or would otherwise not be found in other sections.


  • C
    • CIA (See: Colorado Institute of Art.)

    • Colorado Free University <FreeU.com> -
      CFU offers scores of classes in acting, music, cinematography, comedy and dance.
      Denver, CO

    • Colorado Institute of Art (C.I.A.) <AII.edu> -
      (member: Art Institutes International)

      founded: 1952
      CIA offers an incredible abundance of courses in music business, audio and video production, scriptwriting, photography, broadcasting, computer animation, multimedia authoring, fashion design, graphic arts and much more. CIA is a member of Art Institutes, Interntional.
      Denver, CO




    • John Robert Powers <JRPDenver.com> - classes and workshops for modeling, acting, film production, singing, dancing and makeup artistry, all ages from kids to adult.
      400 S. Colorado Blvd. Suite 330 (Wells Fargo Bank Building)
      Denver, CO
      - ref. email from Angel McClinton, 2007De05We



    • Swallow Hill Music Assn. <SwallowHill.com> -
      Swallow Hill Music School
      Locally reknown folk organization Swallow Hill Music Organization has a wide range of classes in guitar, fiddle, drums, many other instruments and vocal. Call or pick up their free house magazine-course catalog.
      Denver, CO



    • Vocal Arts Studio
      Vocal Arts teaches basic singing and theatrical vocals and popular styles.
      inception: 1995
      co-op owned by 4 people
      Boulder, CO
      - call-in survey: David Sherman of Cabaret Diosa 97My09Fr

    Introduction - Schools

    Any arts or entertainment related school or instructional resource having its own dedicated domain name such as "TheBigArtsSchool.com" and based in Colorado will probably qualify for a free link in ColoradoArts.Net. Schools for specific disciplines like dance or film may be found in those sections. Individual classes and schedules will not be listed. Educational resources here will cover such areas as acting, conservatory training, guitar instruction, MIDI, fashion modeling, sound engineering, art, etc.

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