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Artist Vance Kirkland depicted in outdoor mural, 1291 Pearl St., Denver at a former 7-11 store. Created by Gamma Acosta. (Info courtesy Kirkland Museum, just across 13th Avenue, 2009 July 2.) The mural apparently got censored by PC white-wash cretins fighting graffiti.

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Colorado Arts Net has always been a tedious one man project since its earliest inception in 1996. It has always had professional shortcomings. But it was created because artists of all kinds can benefit enormously by being linked together in one single directory as a community wth features and a bit of journalism. At a certain point it became large and difficult to update. I would still be willing to develop the project for many years to come if I had the technical skills to convert it to a dynamic online database for easier maintenance and user flexibility. But I am an artist (writer-photographer with film aspirations) who needs to reclaim my time from excessive projects. I am proposing that a bonified arts organization take up this project with my ongoing input and guidance. I am seeking neither pay nor control. I will offer my time to assist bringing forth a strong concept of how it can be something vastly greater. I remain strongly committed to the vision and idealistic concept of Colorado Arts Net. I will probably keep it online for years even if I can no longer update listings and build viewer content. (Read more...)

Highway 40 Revisited - East Colfax Vagabonds to Inspire Us All
In Denver there are shadows traced by unknown artists of all kinds, just as there were yesterday

Walt Conley house at East 17th Avenue near Williams Street, brief couch-surfing home of Bob Dylan & one of the Smothers Brothers before fame. Conley, a folk promoter at Satire Lounge and Exodus club, died in 2006. The house was later demolished.

Satire Lounge

In 1960, Bob Dylan was an unknown teenage rolling stone who tried his luck performing at the Satire after meeting Conley. The Smothers Brothers headlined while Dylan was given second billing. They reportedly rejected Dylan. Legend has it that the audience likewise had no love for this Dylan kid. Satire, located at 1920 East Colfax Avenue, may also have been a watering hole for Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, both of whom were known to do their drinking on Colfax and lived on Capitol Hill. Kerouac lived at 1522 Lafayette Street just five blocks away. Satire was soon sold to Greek immigrant Pete Contos, whose brother-in-law Ari Zavaras became Denver's Chief of Police decades later and then head of the Colorado prison system. Contos still owns the bar.

- CAN photos: 1998 & 2014

The house of folk promoter Walt Conley at East 17th Avenue and Williams Street, where an unknown Minnesota teen named Bob Dylan couch surfed in 1960 is now gone. Dylan, still a poor vagabond, shortly thereafter lived in a highrise low budget brick hotel flop house at East 20th Avenue and Lincoln Street, now also gone. Conley was a folk music host at Satire Lounge on East Colfax Avenue between Race and High Streets, just three blocks from his 17th Avenue home. The nascent Dylan, about age 18, performed to a reportedly less-than-warm bar crowd at the Satire in 1960. There was allegedly some sort of rivalry between Dylan and the likewise soon to be famous Smothers Brothers, a comedy folk music pair who frequented the Satire to perform. Also noteworthy, Dylan, in his quest to develop talent, allegedly got into a pinch for "borrowing" one or more record collections. A bunch of these records reportedly took flight from Dylan's tenth floor room, crashing on the alley pavement below just before it came to anything that might have changed history for the worse. The owner picked up the pieces and left. One version of this previously published legend has it that the owner standing in the alley below was Tommy or Dick Smothers but I may have also read a conflicting account suggesting a different owner. In any case, nobody called the cops.

On a personal note, I did my first ever open mic song performance at Walt Conley's bar called Conley's Nostalgia on South Broadway circa 1984 in an effort to conquer stage fright. It worked, partly because warm applause can be healing. I never had stage fright again. I did not have a clue who owned the bar and knew nothing about Dylan's history with Conley, who was probably the guy operatng the large reel-to-reel tape recorder as I sang. Nor did I play an instrument. But I evolved as a songwriter, not a polished performer. I was already about 34 years old. I had been first inspired to sing at age eight in 1959 but was deliberately discouraged by a horribly abusive foster mother who punished me for having a handritten copy of a song in my pocket. It was a number one honkytonk song called Heartaches by the Number. She made me stand up and sing it to her family at the dinner table in Akron, Ohio, while they laughed in ridicule. My childhood dream to be a singer was painfully crushed and I felt ashamed. Hence those 25 years of stage fright.

Like many youth later coming of age in the 1960s and 70s, I swooned hard for Dylan's astounding spiritual and grass roots mastery on albums like Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde. Dylan's previous history in Denver is covered in several books. It appears that part of his motivation for coming here was to trace the recent shadow of Jack Kerouac, who previously lived in Denver as well, on Lafayette Street a few doors from East Colfax Avenue. I once lived in an apartment across the street from the Kerouac apartment and had a good friend who lived in that same Kerouac building in the 1990s. We conceived of a dark comedy vampire story there that I am still working on to this day. Satire Lounge still stands just five blocks east. Coincidentally, around 1991-92, I once lived in a garage with no heat about 20 feet across the alley from the back of the Satire.

Life is hard and then you die, all the more reason to hustle while you wait (paraphrasing Tom Edison, who coincidentally married a girl from Akron, a few blocks from where I once lived). Never give up your mode of expression. Write, sing, practice hard, innovate, meditate, do anything you can. Make sure you have a strong and meanngful vision. And never let anyone shake you from it. Dylan by the way, was pretty much hissed or harshly panned or laughed out of the Satire according to various published legends and was accused of contriving Woodie Guthrie affectations. But he knew where he was trying to go and he damn sure made it. Rest assured, Denver may not be your future home or dream destination, but you can find plenty of inspirational shadows and ghosts while you are still here. They are very much alive as philosphical and artistic expressions that will remain beloved in history for centuries and perhaps milleniums to come.

Beats at Naropa, an Anthology (Coffeehouse Press), edited by Anne Waldman and Laura Wright, explores the gritty writing process, human values and personalities of Beat Generation authors as told through living persons and assorted audio archives of Naropa University. The institution has a Beat tradition going back to its founding association with Allen Ginsberg in 1974 in Boulder and is home to the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.
Beats at Naropa, an Anthology

Left to right: Steven Taylor, Allan Kornblum of Coffeehouse Press, Anne Waldman, Junior Burke and Laura Wright at Boulder Bookstore (2009 July 12)

Three-time Butcher Freddie Glenn up for parole in 2014
Actor Kelsey Grammer Haunted by Colorado Memory
.... and others

On July 1,1975, 18 year old Karen Elisa Grammer was abducted from her place of employment, a Red Lobster restaurant, beaten, raped, butchered and left to die after a failed robbery of the restaurant. Freddie Glenn, Winslow Watson and Larry Dunn were charged in the crimes. Dunn testified against his partners, resulting in their convictions. The most savage portion of the attack occurred in a dirt alleyway adjacent to a trailer park in Colorado Springs, where the men took turns raping her. Glenn reportedly slashed the victim's throat and plunged a knife into her back. The men then fled. She crawled some 800 feet to the door of a manager at the trailer park and left a trail of blood leading to the doorbell button. But she was unable to ring it before she bled to death.

The murder still haunts Karen's brother who is actor Kelsey Grammer, probably best known for his beloved roles in the Cheers and Frazier TV sitcoms. Grammer, then a young acting student at Julliard School, learned of the death after several days trying to call his sister beginning on July 4th, and then calling police to discover the shocking news. He has recounted that it crushed him and their mother and destroyed their grandmother. On July 27, 2009, Glenn came up for a parole hearing in the Colorado Dept. of Corrections. (Click "Inmates/Find an Inmate" and type "Freddie Glenn" into the fields to see his mug and stats). Grammer attempted to appear at the hearing but his flight from New York was canceled by rain. Nonetheless he made an impassioned plea, and Glenn remains behind bars where he has been since age 19. He had been sentenced to death until the death penalty was overturned. Glenn also brutally murdered two young men in 1975. In a letter to the Parole Board, Grammer stated "Surely a man who has killed so many must never take a single breath as a free man." Glenn comes up for his next parole hearing on July 01, 2014. Prior to all this, in 1968, at age 13, Grammer also lost his estranged father in a murder that occured on his front lawn in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Additonally, two half brothers were killed by sharks while scuba diving.
- Consulted Denver Post, Wikipedia. Internet Movie Database,, FindAGrave
, and Colorado Dept. of Corrections websites. (2009 August 20)

Footnote: The FindAGrave article on Karen is detailed and interesting. The easiest way to find it is to just Google "Karen Elisa Grammer". Google also brings up a lot of images connected to her life and death.

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The real Colorado Arts Net has been online since 1996 and has been registered as the domain name since year 2000. The Internet whois registry indicates that Fredric Wiebe (pronounced "wee-bee") did not register the domain name "" (with dash) until 2004. By that time, our name "Colorado Arts Net" had been widely known and publicized since 1997, a period of seven years.

We are curious to learn more about Fredric Wiebe and wish to know if anyone may have had any problem similar to ours. We are also seeking to determine if this is the same person as Fredric Wiebe (DOB 8/8/1946) who, according to 1991 Denver Court records, was arrested for Colorado criminal code "18-3-405" (aka: sex assault on a child by one in a position of trust). No verdict is shown on the online version of the court record. Colorado Arts Net makes no claim regarding Fred's guilt or innocence in the matter at this time. We also do not make any judgment against legitmate adult web content or links. Such content has its rightful place (for adult viewers). But please don't call it "".

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